Pet Therapy Association in Costa Rica Has Space for People Who Want to Try the Benefits of Therapies With Pets

    I live and endure pain thanks to my dogs. "They have given me life," says founder of pet therapies

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    The Costa Rican Association of Pet-Assisted Therapy (Acoteama) was born 16 years ago to provide support with animals to people who are suffering from an illness.A personal experience was what led its founder, Grettel Sánchez, to emotionally  benefit of having pets nearby while being treated for lupus.

    Twenty years ago her kidneys were affected, which forced her to spend a lot of time in bed. Not being able to be close to her children affected very emotionally. But one day a friend gave her a dog that was pregnant and as the days went by she went into labor.

    A “love” was born

    In the midst of the illness she had to get up to go to the dog and help. At that moment what she describes as “a love” was born, a relationship between the two and also a responsibility in caring for the animals. Doña Grettel says that she began to see a change in her physical condition.

    “Despite my illnesses such as lupus, the damage to my spine, I live and endure the pain thanks to my dogs, they have given me life and I am a testimony that these therapies do work,” said Mrs. Grettel.Sánchez is a pensioner and her foundation provides services to populations that are going through a situation like this.

    “My son has made a lot of progress,” say parents of beneficiary baby

    “We have realized that dog therapy has been a great help for Benicio. He is passionate about dogs, he laughs and cries with excitement for dogs,” said Bruno Delfino, the father of a baby diagnosed with Prader Willis syndrome, which causes debilitating muscles. “My son has made a lot of progress, he is happy with these therapies, we have seen the changes that were not possible with other therapies,” mentioned the mother of the baby who is a beneficiary of Acoteama, Gabriela Delfino.

    Acoteama is currently supported by the Coopenae cooperative. This collaboration allows them to open a space so that people who require it can have this type of experience.Interested persons can write to the email [email protected]or to the number 7282-8748.

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