Going on Vacation with Pets? What You Should Know Before the Tour to Avoid Emergencies with Them

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    More and more people decide to go on vacation and, with them, taking their pets. Therefore, there are some considerations that you can take in order to avoid any emergency that affects the animal.

    Before starting the trip, if it is the first time that the animal leaves the house on a walk, take into account that some pets suffer from stress and may even present vomiting and diarrhea. “If there is no history that indicates that you will not tolerate the trip, keep your vaccinations up to date and put a product against fleas, ticks and lice. Think of the best way to carry it, never on your lap. The ideal is a transporter and inside the vehicle, because dust or other particles can enter your eyes, nose, and ears if you travel without this protection”, recommended César Rodríguez, a veterinarian in La Monarquía and who is part of the Medismart medical network.

    Furthermore, if due to its size it must be transported in the drawer of a vehicle, use a suitable and safe transporter. Otherwise, there is a risk that the animal will fall into the street or even hang itself on the leash. While traveling, avoid giving him food to reduce the chances that he will vomit. If the destination is far from home, then make strategic stops and hydrate them.

    General recommendations

    When looking for a vacation spot, consider the weather:

    • At the beach, hot sand can burn paw pads. If it is long-haired, it may suffer from heat stroke. Offer it hydration.

    • In the mountains, bundle up if it is very cold. Use a leash when walking on trails so you do not stray.

    • Also, make sure that the hotel and restaurants you visit allow pets.

    Other recommendations during the trip are:

    • Never leave it alone in the car. Closed windows can cause suffocation, and open windows can make it easier for him to run away and get lost.

    • Always wear a leash, a loud sound can upset them and they can run away.

    • Identify a nearby vet in case of an emergency.

    • Bring the animal’s identification papers.

    “In your luggage include a first aid kit with the basics for your pet. This is wound cream, antibiotics, medicine in case you have vomiting or diarrhea and anti-allergy. In case of a sting, gauze and alcohol, consult about this list with the veterinarian you trust”, said Rodríguez. Also make sure that it carries a plate with the owner’s name and phone number, or even consider putting a GPS in case it gets lost.

    What about when traveling makes you be stressed or anxious

    If your pet has had stress crises, vomiting, and diarrhea on previous trips, the expert recommends leaving it in a pet hotel or with someone who cares for it at home. According to experts, pets when traveling by car, plane, boat or train can experience a lot of stress by associating it with past experiences.

    In addition, it can include anxiety attacks, suffering from dizziness or, in the worst case, suffering from a heart condition. “They can present anxiety pictures that are often expressed through their body language. That is why it is important to know very well the signs of our pets and their character”, explained Dr. Oscar Escalante.

    Main signs of anxiety:

    • Excessive licking of the nose or lips

    • Yawning and panting a lot

    • Destructive behaviors

    • Eating less or not having an appetite

    • Gastrointestinal disorder symptoms

    • More vocalizations such as howling, barking, or whining

    • Trembling or shuddering

    • Ears back or immobile

    • Tail between its legs

    Experts recommend that in cases of crisis, consult a veterinarian. There are different alternatives that lower anxiety and stress levels such as essential oils or anxiolytic medications.

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