New Law in Costa Rica Would Limit the Use of Fireworks to Protect Children and Pets

    Only those authorized companies could do pyrotechnic shows in the country

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    Every year-end the debate on the use of fireworks and the negative effects it ends up having on people and animals is restarted. This led the independent deputy Ivonne Acuña to propose a bill that would regulate the commercialization and use of fireworks in the country.

    According to the plan, only those authorized companies could do pyrotechnic shows in the country. In addition, the use of “non-noisy fireworks” would be required, which provides light and color but not sound. In addition, the sale, manufacture and storage of other commercial gunpowder products would be prohibited. The bill clarifies that the only exceptions would continue to be signaling fireworks for emergencies and weapons.

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    Finally, the following sanctions are established:

    Fine of 2 to 10 base salaries for anyone who detonates pyrotechnics with noise greater than 86 decibels and sanction of ¢ 50,000 to ¢ 100,000 to anyone who uses noisy fireworks. The proceeds from these fines will be used in awareness campaigns about the negative effects of gunpowder on people and animals.

    For all those who suffer with fireworks

    In the presentation of the project, the deputy Acuña highlighted that there are various events that use fireworks, including from religious events to marriages. To this is added that despite regulations, dangerous products are still within the reach of children. “It is popular knowledge that many underage people use pyrotechnic products, either because some adult person irresponsibly facilitates them or because they took them without authorization from homes or other places,” she said.

    “Our country is very rigorous and there is a whole regulation so that locals that sell pyrotechnic products, gunpowder, lights and aerial explosive fireworks, as well as for the regulation of pyrotechnic shows or events, it is also true that there is a reality that as a society we cannot ignore and that we are obliged to act to ensure the greater well-being of citizens, since fireworks also cause damage to the quality of life of many, the consequences of which can sometimes be irreversible”, she added.

    As the main example of this, she highlighted people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or with epilepsy disorders. Firework games would increase the risk of seizures. In addition, the case of animals is added. Dogs often bear the brunt of their delicate hearing spectrum, although birds are affected as well. Finally, the latent risk of burns remains. Although child burns have decreased, December and January continue to be critical months for this type of accident.

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