Let’s Collaborate to Combat the Situation of Stray Dogs in Costa Rica

    Dogs are more than pets, they are part of our homes

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    Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, but few dogs today enjoy sincere friendship on the part of humans. The problem of abandoned dogs occurs in the main cities of Costa Rica as well as in most cities in the world. As an additional fact, it is appropriate to note that in our country in the summer time they increase in number, who wander alone and sick on the streets.

    Ijust wanted to portray her, that look tells so many dog stories on the street. By Andres NC

    Bad habits of pet owners are reflected in their pets. But we must avoid these actions. Here are some suggestions for you:

    Pets, especially dogs, only know how to give love, therefore they must receive love. The number of stray dogs grows day by day which brings misery and suffering for millions around the world. The key to reducing the number of stray dogs is in you. If everyone collaborates we can change this situation.

    Do you want to save a dog? take it to be sterilized

    Taking an animal off the street solves one problem, but neutering solves many more. This procedure prevents future offspring that will not find a home, and reduces the risk of disease. The overpopulation of stray dogs is excessive, many of these animals are unlucky enough to reach a kennel where they are euthanized due to lack of space.

    Don’t get a pet on impulse

    It is recommended that you do not try to solve a Christmas gift with a pet, unless you are taking into account the responsibility that this requires, and after having made the decision as a family, that is the most important fact.

    Are street dogs our friends or enemies?

    Friends at all times, dogs teach children above all the stages of life, since they are seen by puppies, then their growth and sometimes their death; giving them to understand that death is part of life. The dog teaches them to give and receive love, it gives them happiness, fun and in many cases protection.

    ID.: For knowing that a dog in the street has an owner or did have one at some point?

    One of the best ways to show the bond of love and responsibility that you have with your pet is to identify it. Identification tags brings many benefits, it will help you to be reunited with your dog in case he gets lost and shows that you are responsible to him.

    Manners training, a responsible tendency

    Manners training for the prevention of bites, diseases and for the promotion of the responsible tendencies is vital for an adequate management of the canine population For these reasons, responsible acquisition and care should be promoted, including veterinary care, vaccination and sterilization.

    Please! Adopt

    Shelters are crowded, many animals are homeless. Also give old dogs the opportunity to know what it is to have love, many have been thrown into the street since they were puppies and have not been able to know a home and most die without getting to know one.

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