Alajuela Inaugurated New Dog Park Last Sunday

Throughout that Day, Different Activities Were Carried Out

Last Sunday, Alajuela opened a large dog park called Canela’s Park, which is located at the Plaza Real mall. The place will allow dogs with their owners to enjoy different activities such as walking, playing, jumping over obstacles, among others.

The inauguration of this place coincided with the activities of the celebration of the International Dog Day, last Sunday. As part of this celebration, people could enjoy with their pets different events at Plaza Real.

A happy pet posing with its owner

A donation campaign was also developed. “More than 50 volunteers will lead a donation campaign during both days, which will be both in kind with food for the animals that are in Zaguates Territory, as with cash to buy the food and also equip the veterinary clinic that should have in the shelter for its operation”, FIFCO previously said, as part of the organization of the event in a statement.

During last weekend, activities also included dynamics, live music, gastronomy, among others. The creation of dog parks is booming in the country, due to people’s interest in finding safe places to take their pets for a walk.

There Are at Least 13 Safe Sites for Your Pet to Exercise

The rise of dog parks in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) brings a pair of good news: more safe spaces to walk your pets, and an opportunity for masters to do physical activity. In the GAM, there are at least 13 fenced sites ready for dogs and their owners to exercise and have fun.

Doggie enjoying the park’s green spaces

The use of dogs for stimulating people’s physical health is scientifically proven, explained the specialist in Physical Education, Gerardo Araya Vargas. “The benefits of pet support and physical activity alone combine perfectly: a therapeutic and a physical effect”, said the mentioned professor of both the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the Universidad Nacional.


The municipality of Curridabat has led the creation of these spaces in the GAM. The first one was built less than 5 years ago and 8 have already been installed all over the canton, which has a canine population of approximately 16,500 dogs, according to estimates by the Department of Environmental Management.

The initial investment to condition each park is relative to its size. For example, the largest of all, 1,000 square meters, located in Freses, cost ¢ 8.5 million and for the smallest, Paris, of 178 square meters, was invested just under ¢ 1.5 million.

These costs do not take into account the maintenance they receive periodically. The garbage can be cleaned at least twice a week, and the green space is cleaned monthly.

Each park has a bag dispenser to collect feces from the dogs and they are recharged weekly or fortnightly, depending on the park. Each has a circuit or kit of games for dogs, water service, garbage dumps, and benches.

SOURCEDinia Vargas
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