University of Costa Rica Takes Measures to Protect Green Areas

Two hundred trees would be planted to compensate damage

The University of Costa Rica has made an important decision after the pending resolution by the court. The decision was to give protection to the green nearby areas. The new protected area will be the surroundings of the dentistry building which is a new project of such educational center. Constructing these facilities will require cutting down at least 30 more trees, added to the ones removed last year, totalizing 120 trees.

Right now, the Sala IV hasn’t made a decision regarding the other 30 trees that are supposed to be eliminated. These trees are located in the Finca 3, which comprises the sports facilities. Despite the Sala IV decision, the University of Costa alongside the University’s Office of Investment Program are determined to change the building plans to protect those green areas. So far, the plan for logging has been strongly criticized. Another solution for this problem is to change the entrance of the building.

The university and the construction company have come to an agreement to maintain the same cost and terms despite the changes. The company would build a smaller parking lot for cars and another one for bicycles.

Since some trees will undoubtedly disappear, the University of Costa Rica proposed a reforestation plan which consists in planting more than 200 trees off campus.