An Organ Donation Campaign in Liberia

Residents of Guanacaste, Liberia learned more in-depth about organ donation in a public event that took place in the park of Liberia last June 22nd. The activity counted on professionals that made several presentations on the necessary process to donate and how an organ donation is carried out in a surgery room.

The Costa Rican department of Social Security was the organization in charge of such activity. The campaign named Angeles de Luz y Esperanza, was pulled off at the Liberian Park of Guanacaste. The institution aimed to inform people about the function of the corporation and encourage people to donate when the time comes. They also provided information related to the donor registration process through which they gave the “I’m a donor” ID card that is also part of the Atrevete a Donar program.

According to the CRDSS, 1,200 people are awaiting donation at this moment. For this reason, the organization is holding the campaign as a way to help patients in need.

The campaign called Angeles de Luz y Esperanza started last June 22nd. They call contributors “donors on Earth but angels in heaven” as donating is an act of solidarity that gives hope to others.

A similar campaign took place a week before at the central office of the Costa Rican Department of Social Security. During the event, a lot of donors and organ recipients spoke about their anecdotes and experience.


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