Transsexual Population to Receive Hormone Therapy

in Costa Rican Hospitals

The Costa Rican Department of Social Security will provide a three-month hormone and psychological therapy to the entire “trans” population.

Transsexual people were born men or women but they feel like their opposite sex. This is because their sexuality doesn’t match their sexual identity.

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They will be receiving hormone and psychological treatment in all the healthcare centers under the umbrella of the Costa Rican Department of Social Security, after having reached an agreement with the organization’s management board.

Some congressmen like Mario Redondo disagree with such decision. He belongs to the Christian Democratic Alliance Political Party.

He states that the department of Social Security should set aside the worker funds for the poorest communities like the indigenous population.

The department has agreed to provide the transsexual community with medical assistance.

Around 100 transsexual or transgender people will be given medical treatment in the country.

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VIAThe Costa Rica News
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