Romantic Sites in Costa Rica for Couple Tourism

A guide of the most romantic places in Costa Rica

It is never too late to take a romantic getaway, to change the routine and to disconnect for a while. But you do not have to think about long and expensive trips to first world hotels, sometimes enough with a good tour of a day to a place surrounded by natural beauty.

That is why in this note we give you a guide of options so that you get to know the corners of each corner in Costa Rica and take advantage to give life to the flame of love.

Forest of Prussia

A good choice to take that walk with your partner and enjoy a good vegetation and an excellent day in the forest of Prussia with more than 16km that leads to give that Tour that was looking so much and become a participant of the lands that are part Of the Irazú National Park.

Laguna Manuel

Surrounded by cypress trees and a private place Manuel’s lagoon is a cozy place to spend with his partner, is located at a height of 2,000 meters.

In the lagoon of Manuel can find ranchos where there are banks where his passage by the place wishes cozy and sanitary services; And if you are looking for a camping place you found the perfect area.

In this vegetative and cool place, you can see ducks, squirrels, frogs and a great variety of insects.

The Ventolera

In this hill/pasture, you can observe much of the central valley with an impressionable view of resisting and take a few pictures and that memory is reflected in a pair.

Toro Waterfall

In the middle of mountains and a forest, you could find the beautiful waterfall of 180 m of fall.

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