People from Liberia city had the opportunity to attend an informative campaign related to the use of medications last July 7th. The activity was carried out by the Costa Rican Department of Social Security in the Enrique Baltodano facilities, located in the center of the community.

This project aimed to raise awareness of the rational use of medications in general, especially those produced by the National Department of Pharmacy which is part of the CRDSS. The workshop was focused on informing on the right intake of medications and the importance of following doctors’ instructions to the letter. Also, the workshop emphasized the correct use of the drugs posology according to the healthcare provider’s prescription.

Likewise, the campaign was about the dangers of self-medication and the practice of sharing the medicine with other people including partners, neighbors, and relatives.

Esteban Vega de la O, coordinator of the pharmaceutical service department of the Costa Rican Office of Social Security stated that the organization was not providing medicine in that moment, but they were organizing several public events all around Costa Rica in order to change the consumer’s culture concerning the intake of medications, especially by people with social security.

The strategy implemented during the campaign was to put up stands for expired medications and for medical check-up