Are You a Traveler or Tourist in Costa Rica?

Which one do you identify with?

Is not it the same to be a traveler than a tourist? Then we’ll show you the differences between the two terms.

If we still have to find differences in attitudes, these are not the type of photos you take, the immediate attitude of leaving everything and travel, the little or a lot of planning you do on your trip, if you use a suitcase or backpack and much less a number of things you pack in them.

The differences are in something more intangible and you can recognize a traveler or a tourist being in your city within your family, friends or yourself.

It is important to note that both roles are interchangeable and neither is good or bad. Just a matter of personal decision; But people love to assign names and above all catalog to eventually judge.

The first difference between a traveler and a tourist is in the attitude of pushing the limits of the unknown.

The tourist is an observer; You will see with amazement the cultural differences that exist in the places but it will hardly participate of them.

The traveler prefers to find his way instead of following that of others.

The traveler travels to observe the reality of the life of the place, not always the tourist attractions or major museums; Knows that the best way to see the reflection of a people’s life is to use their means of transportation or find a way on their own.

The tourist will follow predefined routes, these routes were in their moment the reflection of the behavior of the people that live there but due to the increase of travelers, they have happened to be one more attractive of the place.

The tourist sees the trip as a sporadic event and oblivious to his day to day reality, the traveler sees the trip as something that is part of his life.

The tourist organizes the trips around his life, the traveler organizes his life around the trips.

Live your life as a traveler, accepting, enjoying and actively engaging with the differences that exist in the world, take the longest route, try to be in a place beyond the 5 min that takes to take the photo of the place and accepting that Life itself is a journey.

But do not forget to be a tourist, it is necessary to be surprised by the contrasts of simple things, those shocks of reality are necessary from time to time to understand that the world is full of differences wherever you look, will help you grow.

Costa Rica has an endless number of options to visit, explore, explore and discover, rich in flora, fauna and splendid natural sites, so do not miss the opportunity to discover this earthly paradise.

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