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    The onshore service is the beachfront service provided to tourists and travelers who visit the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica daily.

    The beaches that offer this service here in Costa Rica are:

    Manuel Antonio: they offer service of rent of umbrellas, hammocks, awnings, reclining chairs, kayak; On the other hand there is also food and drink service on the beach.

    Playa Biesanz: offers a service of tourist guide for the park, attractive flora and fauna and a pleasant attention of the guides, also you enjoy a calm sea of crystalline waters. This beach is well known among North American tourists.

    Playa Potrero: offers a variety of restaurants and bars where you can find endless dishes, if you want to eat seafood go to the end of the beach there is the small fishing community of Potrero, where local fishermen offer their fresh products; Also there you will be able to find small businesses that will help you to satisfy any basic need.

    Playa Coco: You can find nightlife in one of the discos or bars that are located at a very close distance from the central square of the town. The restaurants are scattered and the bars available at dusk. There are other favorable services such as shops, large markets, as well as leisure venues such as nightclubs and casinos. Because Coco is the largest town of Papagayo, services are plentiful.

    Puerto Viejo: offers golden sand, crystal clear waters, tropical vegetation and other attractions such as the Cahuita National Park, the Talamanca Indigenous Reserve, and the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Horseback riding snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking among others, are some of the activities that visitors can enjoy in this place. There are many colorful bars, restaurants, and hotels that enliven the atmosphere with Reggae and Calypso music during the day and night.

    Playa Roca Bruja: This beach is located inside the Santa Rosa National Park, so there are no hotels and restaurants in the area. Most people who decide to visit Roca Bruja do so only to spend the day with the only lodging option nearby is a camping area located 20km from the National Park entrance.

    Tamarindo Beach: Costa Rica’s most popular beach. One of the reasons why this beach is so popular is because it is perfect for both beginner and experienced surfers. In addition, it is also popular because it is located near other incredible destinations for surfing like Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra, and even Witch Rock.

    Also, Tamarindo offers accommodation options for all budgets and an amazing nightlife.

    The best way to visit Tamarindo from San Jose is by booking an internal flight to the Tamarindo airstrip, which will only take 45 minutes.

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