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    10 Quick and Simple Rituals to Fight Stress And Relax

    When we are stressed, the body activates a combat response and releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. The heart beats faster and breathing...

    Why You Should Go to a Wellness Retreat?

    Learn how to take care of yourself holistically with nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness.
    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Does it include relaxing at retreats or not? If yes, then there are some of the best retreats in Costa Rica that you can enjoy

    Learn 3 Exercises To Meditate And Relax At Home

    Meditation is a technique that helps you relax your whole body and helps control your thoughts. The most beneficial thing about this practice is...

    Costa Rica Travel Tips from 5 Adventurous Travelers

    Costa Rica is simply a wonderful place; breathtaking landscapes, stunning, exotic beaches, thrilling rainforests, stimming volcanoes, friendly locals, and delicious food. Costa Rica is...

    Onshore Service on Beaches in Costa Rica

    The onshore service is the beachfront service provided to tourists and travelers who visit the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica daily. The beaches that offer...


    THE RETREAT Costa Rica a Diana Stobo Property and transformational wellness center, literally “Heaven on Earth”. Looking for a delicious luxuries detox? The Retreat Costa...

    Here Comes Hilton

    Most visitor view this small region of southern Costa Rica as an ideal escape to a tropical forest. There is nothing like spending lazy...
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