Curridabat, Costa Rica, Would Be The First “Sweet City” In The World

    Creating cities that thrive while conserving nature.

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    In Costa Rica, a project that aims to restore the flora and fauna in Curridabat has begun.  The initiative is called “Ciudad Dulce” (Sweet City), and has the support of several companies and the municipality.  Curridabat would become the first Sweet City in the world.

    This Sweet City initiative in Curridabat aims to bring the concept to all public spaces, residential private spaces, schools, public and private institutions, and hopes to expand the healthy lifestyle in Curridabat, the country, and beyond its borders.  For a city to be classified as “sweet”, it should include the creation of shade using native trees, excellent waste management, promoting orchards, and have re-established their catchment areas.

    Another feature of a Sweet City is that it is focused on the welfare of its citizens through balance with the natural environment.  When the environment is healthy, which means without litter yet highlights trees and animals, the citizens have better health and children grow up in a natural environment.  The project has taken its first steps with the planting of native trees in the city of Curridabat in order to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.  These planting initiatives are an effective way to entice those important groups of pollinators to return to the city.

    Creating the environment for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds to return to Curridabat and the province is a strategy to assist in the reforestation of the area, and then allows for the process to continue naturally.   80% of plant life exists thanks to bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators, hence the importance of their presence in cities. Reforestation seeks to improve the watershed and protect the soil from erosion.  A location is considered to have been reforested when it changes the environment from a place that was without forestation 50 years ago.

    This Curridabat Sweet City initiative seeks not only to improve the environment, but it also aims to create awareness among its people so that they continue to work on keeping their surroundings clean.  A space where citizens of Curridabat can enjoy sports activities and family activities, and generally improve the quality of life.  When you create a network of committed citizens, you can create cities that thrive while conserving nature.

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