Coronavirus: Will It Be a Key Accelerator for Remote Work?

TransparentBusiness Donates US$ 1 Million to China for Remote Work to Save Lives

The day on which Coronavirus was declared a global alert by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the threat of spread outside of China, Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness, offered the Ambassador of China in the United States US$ 1 million in TransparentBusiness licenses for free so that companies and government agencies in that country can continue their operations remotely, transparently, and safely for the population.

The remote work provided by TransparentBusiness -platform for the management and coordination of distributed equipment-, in normal circumstances is a matter of convenience and financial savings, but given the alarming situation in China it is a solution to contain the pandemic and reduce the economic effects of the brake of all labor activities.

China closed the means of transport around the epicenter of this lethal virus, restricting the mobility of 41 million people in 13 cities while the authorities work to control the disease.

Coronavirus as seen microscopically

Stopping productive work activities indefinitely is devastating for the national economy, companies and people. TransparentBusiness is the solution for the institutions since it allows to coordinate the remote work in an efficient way of all the professionals that remain in their homes and take care of their employees.

Within the framework of the international emergency announcement by the WHO, Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness, contacted the Chinese ambassador to the United States and offered US$ 1 million in licenses for companies and governments in the United States. most vulnerable areas manage remote work in a transparent and efficient manner, and to protect the health of millions of inhabitants.

“We are contacting the Chinese government authorities at the national, provincial and municipal levels to offer them free use of our platform”, Konanykhin said. “We run the associated costs because we believe it is our responsibility to provide a solution for the positive social impact”.

Earlier, the White House announced the donation of US$ 1 million from TransparentBusiness for the refugee assistance program, presented by President Obama to the Head of State during the 2016 UN General Assembly.

The TransparentBusiness SaaS platform is designed to empower companies and government agencies with a tool for coordination and monitoring of remote workers, provide information on the state of budget expenditures and projects in real time, increase the productivity of contractors and protect institutions from overbilling.

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