Latin America News – The White House denied that President Obama has authorized a trip to Cuba for rapper Jay-Z, who visited the island with his wife, the famous singer Beyonce.

The rapper responded to criticism of his trip last week with a song titled “Open Letter” that includes the phrase “I have permission from the White House.”

The lyrics of rap says, “Obama said, relax, you’re not going to do that go against me, you do not need this crap, relax on the beach with me.”

When asked by reporters, White House spokesman Jay Carney laughed and said the U.S. Treasury is in charge of giving licenses that allow such travel.

“I imagine that nothing rhymes with ‘the treasure’,” said Carney. “I say categorically that the White House, from the president to the lowest position, it had nothing to do with that.”

The trip Boyoncé and her husband has generated a wave of criticism, particularly from Republican politicians of Cuban descent.

They have been asked to investigate whether the couple had U.S. government permission to visit the island, despite Washington’s restrictions on travel of its citizens by the economic embargo on the island.

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