Boston Scientific Will Hire 600 New Employees in Costa Rica

    It Will Hire Professionals for Manufacturing, Research, and Development, as well as for New Products

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    The multinational company Boston Scientific, dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution, and sale of medical devices less invasive of the highest technology, announced that it will hire 600 people in the remainder of 2019. These will be added to the 4,200 employees currently working in the company, placing it as the employer of the largest medical device sector in the country.

    The profiles to be hired are from different areas and range from workers with 6th-grade levels of schooling (ideally, 9th-year schooling), to professional engineering graduates (mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, materials, electrical, industrial, chemical, mechatronics), finance, accounting, among others. The positions will be for the 2 plants that Boston Scientific has in the country: one in La Aurora de Heredia and the other in El Coyol de Alajuela.

    Boston Scientific’s headquarters in Costa Rica

    Boston Scientific has an unblemished record in its financial performance over the last 5 years, reaching revenues of US$ 9.8 billion in 2018, while developing multiple new acquisitions. The plants in Heredia and El Coyol are part of this great growth, expanding operations to support the manufacture of multiple product lines.

    “The Boston Scientific team in Costa Rica already has the opportunity to support the company both regionally and globally”, said Luis Javier Serrano, Vice President of Operations at the Coyol plant. “We have a solid manufacturing operation, a Research and Development Center, as well as collaborators who work in the design of new products, assurance of the quality of the designs and regulatory matters. Also, we have representatives from the commercial area (clinical specialists and direct sales) who provide services to Central America and Panama, as well as global information technology services “.

    President Carlos Alvarado commented that these 600 new hires of Boston Scientific ratify the confidence of this corporation in the capacity of Costa Rican talent, remembering that, last May, the plant located in Coyol de Alajuela won the Shingo Prize, the most relevant in excellence operational that is granted in the world.

    Company’s employees working in a favorable cooperative environment

    Alvarado also reaffirmed the commitment of the Government to continue working together with the private sector for the promotion and consolidation of foreign direct investment, seeking to improve the living conditions of the population throughout the territory.

    The Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez, added: “We are pleased to announce that Boston Scientific will generate new jobs in the country. These job opportunities allow people with skills in the areas of manufacturing and research and development to have growth options. This is an example of a company that continues to bet on the human talent of quality that our country offers”. The company confirmed that its hiring plans are mainly due to the growth of recent acquisitions and manufacturing of new products by Boston Scientific.

    The general director of the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE), Jorge Sequeira, celebrated the announcement: “Boston Scientific is one of the pioneer companies in the medical device industry in the country. Thanks to the quality of local human talent have successfully developed the production of medical devices and, more recently, has added new research and development functions. This example is replicated in many companies in the life sciences sector, which from 1999-2017 registered an increase in productivity of 63%, measured through exports per employee that went from US$ 76,000 to US$ 124,000”.

    Those interested in applying and opting for a position within the company should do so at the address: There you can see the open positions in Costa Rica, create your profile to apply and create alerts for future positions. Also, you can visit their Facebook page: Boston Scientific Costa Rica, and review the tutorial videos on how to apply. The places will be enabled continuously in the system, so it is recommended to those interested to review the page frequently.

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