President Carlos Alvarado Announced Reactivation and Generation of New Employment for Costa Ricans

In National Allocution, the President Confirmed that There Will Be New Investments and Jobs, among Other Measures

“Today, the priority issue for Costa Rica, and for each Costa Rican, is the generation of more jobs and more companies, as well as the reduction of unemployment. That is the priority of the government”. With that message, in national allocution last Sunday, President Carlos Alvarado announced that, throughout the current week, he will announce new investment, jobs, more simplification of procedures, projects in infrastructure and housing, improvement in financial conditions for companies and people in debt, among other measures.

“Let’s keep that face in mind when we work, because those people (the unemployed ones) need us”, he said, by instructing the executive hierarchy to do everything within their reach and within the legal framework to facilitate the conditions for job creation, remove obstacles to streamline procedures, provide credit, or to generate better conditions against the indebtedness of people and small businesses.

President Carlos Alvarado

“My instruction is that they take the necessary actions to help formalize jobs, so that we continue attracting investments, to facilitate the assurance of unemployed people for a year or more”, Alvarado stated in his message.

Also, he pointed out that this instruction is also directed to the middle managers of public institutions of the State, at the same time that he made a call to reflection, especially thinking about those who are unemployed.

“When you do your job, think about those who do not have a job today. Streamline procedures, seek solutions, and help everyone to reactivate this country; in every Costa Rican family, there is someone who needs to find an opportunity or a job”, he added.

In his speech, the President was firm in recalling that the provisions of the Law on Strengthening Public Finances, such as Value Added Tax (VAT), will soon come into effect. “There are also complex external factors, but that is precisely why we must unite in this national effort, to grow and generate more opportunity”.

Alvarado reiterated that, with the same determination with which a year ago he promised that the country would not fall into economic crisis. “…today, I commit myself with you to do everything in my power to generate well-being and conditions for employment and so that Costa Rica grows. I know Costa Rica is capable of doing it”.

He also asked the Legislative Assembly for support in projects that promote employment, public investment and economic stability, recalling that the private sector is the largest generator of jobs thanks to the strength of democracy, stability, and freedom in the country.

“I ask the private sector to continue trusting in our country and to continue working to guarantee Costa Ricans more opportunities”, he emphasized.

The President also asked the citizens for their effort; “We are optimistic, because it depends on the joint effort of the 5 million Costa Ricans, that we are all better. Each one has something to contribute”.

“I commit myself with all of you, once again, and with all my efforts to work, work, and work so that this country grows more and generates more opportunities and jobs”, the president concluded.

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