Rest is: More than necessary?

Is rest really important to us?

watch tv
watch tv until late at night

If you think that by sleeping only you will have the consequence of feeling exhausted, you are not right.

To stay up late is something that we must avoid at all costs because it is a powerful enemy that can provoke us anxiety, little concentration, and even bad mood; so resting is more than necessary.

Sleep well makes the body regenerate, and is that there are some people who need about seven hours to get up and feel light the next day. The average hours a mature person should sleep are between seven and nine hours a night.

Failing to fulfill these hours of sleep can put you in a bad mood and put your health at risk, if you want to live optimally you must be clear that your body must rest to perform.
Consequences of getting late

Hunger and anxiety: our appetite can be severely deprived of sleep. We tend to overeat at

work late
work late

inappropriate times, which can cause problems of obesity or malnutrition.

Less physical attractiveness: fatigue marks us dark circles around the eyes, the skin is aged and gives us a worn look. According to the Karolinska Medical Institute in Stockholm, people who look tired are considered not very accessible.

Loss of brain tissue: over time the brain will wear out and withering away due to lack of rest. The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Uppsala points out that the NSE molecule and the S-100B protein, marker of neuronal lesions and a clinical marker of brain damage increased in patients with poor sleep.

stay up late 1
trouble sleeping

Strong emotions: If you think you are in a bad mood because you are having a bad day, first ask yourself how many hours you slept, you are likely to feel irritated.

Less concentration: One of the consequences of not sleeping properly is having memory problems and concentration. If you do not sleep, your brain does not store information efficiently, which can cause you poor performance at work.

Risk of diabetes: a study has been carried out stating that lack of sleep increases blood sugar levels.

High probability of committing an accident: According to a BBC report, one in five car accidents occur due to lack of sleep, 1,550 people die each year for this.

Heart diseases: Another consequence of sleep deprivation is the increase in blood pressure, Harvard Health Publications claims that over time this can cause heart failure and artery blockage.

Now that you know the consequences of not sleeping properly, will you think twice before going to bed late?

SOURCEFernado Rojas
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