Infusions of valerian, lavender or chamomile can help you sleep naturally

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    When sleeping at night becomes a challenge, an infusion of lavender, valerian or chamomile can become your best ally to sleep.

    Nutritionist Kathryn Von Saalfeld said that these plants have sedative and relaxing properties that help calm the nervous system.

    So if you are looking for natural alternatives to these sleeping disorders, these hot drinks can not only alleviate insomnia or stress, they have also been seen to reduce nervous breakdowns, stomach aches and headaches.

    Valerian is considered a natural sedative and chamomile has active alpha-bisabolol and camazulene that are responsible for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Lavender flowers in ancient Rome were considered powerful painkillers and helped with sleep inducement. Its components include camphor and eucalyptol linanol.

    However, as any medicinal plant has contradictions, you should avoid excess amounts and consult with your trusted physician before adding any drink to your daily diet, especially in the case of patients who are already following drug treatment.

    The nutritionist said a tea with these herbs is very efficient way to get your benefits. Ideally it takes 30 minutes to go to sleep “and to start to take effect.

    Referring to the infusion, you can choose to make them at home by buying the plant, also adding a beautiful perfume to your kitchen in the process.

    “What you do is take the source of what we will use- either chamomile, lavender or mint- and then place it in boiling water and let it infuse for about three to four minutes,” said the expert.

    Meanwhile the Spanish expert in teas and Head of Production for Alma Teas & Herbal Infusion Salvador Corominas explained in various publications that the perfect infusion can be achieved by a few steps.

    With regard to sweeteners, Von Saalfeld said that it is best to take it naturally.

    However, if the sweet taste is imperative you can add a small amount of raw sugar or honey.

    Meanwhile, Corominas recommended trying the drink with its original flavor before sweetening.

    Other nutritional recommendations for night

    Certain foods and drinks can be an obstacle to sleep, so the experts specifically suggest that you should avoid caffeine in coffee or tea after certain hours.

    “For people who take cold tea, soda or cola-based chocolates, it is recommended that the final consumption is made before 3 pm so that the body has eliminated caffeine from your system,” said the nutritionist.
    Also, be careful to avoid dinners of red meat or high-fat meals.


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