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    Costa Rica’s rainforests make up the majority of the country. They are the reason we have national parks and a diversity of flora and fauna. And they are also the reason why there is a great variety of animals. It is a blessing to have these natural wonders in our backyard. Wild creatures roam free here, and it’s just a plane flight away to enjoy the scenery. We are going to examine the diversity and type of rainforests that exist within Costa Rica. But, first of all; where are they located?

    Monteverde Cloud Forest

    Costa Rica’s rainforests are all over the country, not just isolated in some parts. You will find these various wonders in Manuel Antonio, the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde, and Tortuguero, among others. In fact, in each region the types of forests are different. You will find the normal jungles that we hear about all the time in the Osa Peninsula and Tortuguero. While on the north Pacific side, or Guanacaste to be more exact we see dry forests. Finally, not far from San José are the cloud forests of Monteverde. Each type is beautiful in its own way and gives a wide diversity to Costa Rica.

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    Activities in the rainforests of Costa Rica

    What to do when you get to the rainforests of Costa Rica? You might think that there is not much to see, but that is not true. See nature for yourself or we can organize a personalized visit. From zip-lining in the cloud forests of Monteverde or kayaking through the rivers and rainforests of Tortuguero, birdwatching throughout the dry forests of Guanacaste, or even relaxing in a tropical lodge on the Osa Peninsula.

    Costa Rica is a country with a lot of forestal resources

    Diversity of the rainforests in Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica, there are rainforests of all kind. They form an excellent base for life to flourish. 6% of the world’s biodiversity (plants and animals) calls these jungles “home sweet home.” Costa Rica is home to 500,000 species; around 300,000 of them are insects. The forest canopy can be up to 200 feet high and 60 feet giving plenty of shelter for animals to roam.

    Wildlife in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s fauna is very diverse; for example, jaguars, butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, and many colorful birds, not to mention the countless number of insects. Costa Rica’s rainforests are also home to some of the most endangered species of wildlife, including the Jaguar. The Jaguar is elegant and beautiful and at the same time makes you fear for your life is impressive, all at the same time. Due to deforestation or habitat destruction, they have unfortunately declined in recent years.

    In addition, the quetzal and the Scarlet macaw are amazing. These species of birds are beautiful. Bird watchers from around the world come to see them, but are often left disappointed. And last in our list, Baird tapir. These creatures are like a kind of wild pig with a long nose. Also, these lovely animals are decreasing their populations. Programs and sponsorship from the Costa Rican government are in place to help every form of wildlife here. It is refreshing to see that people interested in their preservation.
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