Sexual Pleasure Is Key to Better Sleep

    As Well As Improve Your Overall Health

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    Sexual wellness focuses on integral health, including satisfaction and empowerment. For this reason, putting on the table some data on people’s sleep habits we propose alternatives to improve its quality.

    40% of people have trouble sleeping and, although it is recommended not to use the phone before bed, more than 60% do. Faced with this problem here are some tips on how to optimize the use of screen time and explain how having an orgasm can help you fall asleep:

    Orgasms Help You Sleep (As Well As Improve Your Overall Health)

    Many people go to bed feeling anxious after going through the stress of the day. Faced with this situation, experiencing an orgasm allows the release of oxytocins, known to relieve anxiety, improve mood and increase immunity. Once climaxed, either with a partner or through self-masturbation, the body releases another hormone called prolactin, which stimulates feelings of satisfaction and happiness. At the same time, it also produces cortisol, a hormone that induces alertness and arousal, which means that our body is in optimal conditions for sleep.

    In the case of women, there is also an increase in estrogen, an added bonus that not only helps women fall asleep quickly, but also provides them with a deeper state of sleep.

    Orgasms during sleep exist

    You don’t have to be awake to have an orgasm. That’s right: orgasms during sleep exist. Studies have shown that both sexes can have an orgasm during rest hours. Although rare in women, the “nocturnal orgasm” is a combination of increased blood flow to the pelvic area and relaxation that increases arousal. Often the trigger is a sexual dream preceded by a deep sleep, which causes the body to have an orgasm without any external stimulation. Some people never experience them, while other people often experience them.

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