Is There More Than One Type of Female Orgasm?

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    The orgasmic sensation of a woman is very different from that of a man. And therefore there must be communication to understand what the particular tastes are.

    The first thing you must understand, before reviewing the different types of female orgasm that can be experienced, is that the ultimate goal of an intimate encounter with a couple should not always be limited to reaching climax as an established goal.

    Thinking this way may bring you problems in intimacy. Well, beyond enjoying the encounter and taking it as an experience, it is limiting oneself to the simple fact of ejaculating or finishing. Remember that a woman’s orgasmic sensation is very different from a man’s. And therefore there must be communication to understand what the particular tastes are.

    “The important thing is to accept the body and have a knowledge knowing what it likes and what it does not. This is important because that cultural construction in which orgasm is limited to the other person and how the end of a sexual relationship can become a barrier,” said Alejandro Díaz, clinical sexologist and gynecologist. “It is better that the person learns that the orgasm and the sensations depend on them. And so you will have the ability to share it with others,” he added.

    Now, it should be noted that these types of sensations are not only limited to the physiological field. Well, according to experts, the brain is the most important erogenous organ that the human being has. Through it is where the different sensations of pleasure are configured beyond the genital field.

    Orgasm is a response from many parts of the body. Sexuality is represented in a biological, psychological and social aspect, so as for the first, the organisms have a release of endorphins and substances that generate that sensation of pleasure”, Díaz pointed out.

    But just what is important?

    “You have to understand that the female orgasm goes far beyond just the biological process. A woman can have an orgasm simply with imagination (…) the most important erotic organ is not the genitals but the brain. There are sensations that are received from this organ and are manifested throughout the body,” he added.

    In this thinking, female stimulation is framed as a way to and not as a total end of the sexual encounter. However, pigeonholing this type of sensation into typologies can greatly limit sexuality to an individual experience and not a collective one.

    “I am in favor of freedom and feeling. The human being should not be classified and human sexuality is too broad to put it in boxes. Especially women who have historically been restricted by the macho behavior of society in general”, mentioned Flavia Dos Santos, renowned Brazilian sexologist and psychoanalyst.

    “A person who has a spinal injury and cannot feel from the neck down can have an orgasm with scalp massage. Orgasm is a psychological experience, so ejaculation and lubrication are physiological experiences. One thing can be disconnected from the other,” she pointed out.

    Remember that knowing what gives you pleasure and what you like is important in order to make the experience a feeling of cooperation with your partner, in which the ultimate goal is not ejaculation or orgasm.

    Types of Female Orgasms

    • Clitoral: by stimulating the clitoris.
    • Vaginal: it can be given through penetration and by stimulating the G-spot.
    • Mixed: with the stimulation of several erogenous zones.
    • Anal: this occurs when practicing anal sex, or when stimulating this body area. The anal walls have nerve endings that are highly sensitive.
    • Sleepgasm: This is the most viable example to understand that orgasm should not be limited only to genital stimulation. Well, in this type of pleasure, the woman can reach the climax while she sleeps, or fantasizes.
    • Nipples: stimulation in the breasts.
    • Coregasm: It has been speculated that exercising generates almost the same pleasure as having sex. This is an example of this, since it occurs when training is being carried out on the body’s core or abdominal area.

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