How Is Your Personal Relationship With Money And Success?

    Abundance is not the one who has the most, but the one who enjoys what he has the most

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    Money, success, abundance, prosperity. They are concepts that many of us generate mixed feelings. On the one hand they are desired, but on the other they can provoke emotions or sensations, almost always unconscious, that boycott our way in the direction we want to achieve, such as the following:

    False humility

    Many consider economic success, or wanting to prosper financially, as something negative or pejorative. Money should not be your main motivation in life, but it should not be rejected either since we live in an exchange society. Humility is not synonymous with poverty. Money and material is something that we can enjoy and share while living temporarily.

    Attachment to money

    Some prefer not to have it or if they do, they become so attached that they do not enjoy it for fear of losing it, generating insecurity, permanent dissatisfaction and influencing their vital decisions and choices.

    The rich are bad and the poor are good

    Many think that money is the cause of the evils in our society, and that those who have it are people who are dishonest, vicious, selfish, exploitative, lacking in spirituality and countless negative qualifiers, and on the contrary, the poor are good and people with values. They are false stereotypes, money has nothing to do with being or not being good people.

    But what or who determines them?

    All the conscious and unconscious learning of the past, the family systemic inheritance, parents, the environment and the social context have forged the beliefs that govern our behaviors, silently conditioning our decisions.

    And what are your beliefs about the amount of abundance you deserve?

    Could you identify them? Because when we get carried away by fear, by the negative emotions that they generate in us, we block ourselves. We have to free ourselves from any limitation that prevents us from flowing with abundance.

    In addition, we often confuse money with abundance, but it is not the same: a person who truly flows in abundance is not the one who has the most, but the one who enjoys what he has the most. A state of abundance is the result of flowing with that which is abundant, whether or not it is material. Material success can be fleeting, however abundance is permanent, it is an inner state of connection with your true source.

    But you can rest assured that as long as you have good management of money and abundance, they will not endanger your scale of values. So never feel guilty of prospering at all levels, because your success, when you acquire it with integrity and honesty, does not take away from others what belongs to them, but quite the opposite: if you live in the highest expression of your being, you can share your gifts and inspiration with others.
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