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    The greatness of the human being is valued and perceived in terms of the level of self-knowledge the person enjoys of himself. One of the pillars on which this wonderful condition is sustained in each one of us is by our own perception of ourselves, or what is the same, our self-esteem.

    Self-esteem is constituted by the beliefs we have about ourselves. Those qualities, capacities, and ways of acting and managing our emotions that are part of our being, those that constitute our self-image.

    Self-esteem is the main foundation on which our personal and emotional growth is formed. Hence, depending on how you feel about yourself, it positively affects or not the rest of the areas that make up your life: work, relationships and personal life motives.

    Self-esteem thus becomes the assessment that you make of yourself about the sensations and experiences that you have been integrating throughout your life experience. Hence, we can form those characteristic expressions such as “I am stupid, I am not capable or others do not like me.”

    This self-assessment that we unconsciously carry out every day of our life is necessary and important, since there lies the origin of enhancing or not enhancing our personal talents and achievements.

    People who have a good and positive self-esteem are capable of overcoming any situation that causes them a difficulty or challenge every day. On the other side of the coin, those who maintain low self-esteem only allow themselves to limit themselves and fail.

    Seeking to avoid this last situation, here we invite you to integrate the 7 steps to increase your personal self-esteem, enjoying a healthy and full quality of life:

    Do not generalize

    The past is not one of the best companions of self-esteem, since staying anchored in it does not allow us to advance and evolve internally. Remember not to generalize from the negative experiences that you have been able to live throughout your life.

    Accepting that you are not perfect and that you may have failures is necessary to allow us to flow, enjoying our true essence as well as accepting that what once happened does not have to happen again … Anchoring to the past is a burden that if we do not know how to let go we can drag for a long time. A drag that can be very limiting. However, if instead of whipping ourselves with what happened, we learn from it, we will turn it into energy that will help us move forward in the present.

    Be aware of your victories

    It is one of the best ways to improve our self-image. To do this, we invite you to become aware of your successes and achievements already achieved, and agree to those you want in the future.

    When it comes to enjoying good self-esteem, it is necessary to recognize in ourselves the ability to do things well in the different areas that make up our lives. And never forget to strive to achieve our wonderful goals.

    Believe in yourself

    Never forget to act in congruence with what you think, feel and above all, trust yourself. Remember that each of us has our own perception of reality, therefore it is necessary not to worry excessively about what others think of us. Trust your inner voice, the one that will always give you the best advice and remind you of how extraordinary you are.

    Focus on the positive

    Get used to appreciating and perceiving the good characteristics that you have and of which you are proud. Your strengths and weaknesses are a treasure, since they make you extraordinary and unrepeatable to anyone else.

    Focusing on the positive in yourself is fundamental, but also on what surrounds us. Be grateful for everything that brings us well-being, will lead us to be happier. In this way, we will be aware that there are reasons to be happy.

    Accept yourself for who you are

    Never forget to accept yourself and what you are. In you resides the power to do everything you dream of with your imperfections and virtues.

    Authentic and sincere relationships are linked by the acceptance of who we are. If we accept those aspects that we like least, we can start working with us. In this way, we will begin a path that will lead us to personal growth.

    Do not compare yourself with others

    As we have been insisting and inviting you to integrate, we are all different from others. Each one with our characteristics that make us particular and unique.

    You may consider yourself worse than others, but remember that there will always be an aspect of life where you are “better” than they contribute to life. Hence, comparing yourself is only positive and practical if it is about acquiring an apprenticeship.

    Strive towards being better every day

    Focus on improving what you consider to be dissatisfied with yourself. This is a good way to increase your self-esteem, as it allows you to evolve both internally and externally. Identify what you would like to change or achieve. Then draw up an action plan to start moving forward with the changes you are considering making for it.

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