Pope Francis Declares Santo Carlo Acutis for Amazing Miracle to Costa Rican

    Acutis, who died in 2006 at the age of 15, has been proclaimed a saint thanks to a miracle attributed to a Costa Rican woman on the verge of death two years ago

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    The Vatican announced this past Thursday, May 23, that Pope Francis has approved the canonization of the young Italian Carlo Acutis, known as the “apostle of the Internet.” Acutis, who died in 2006 at the age of 15, has been proclaimed a saint thanks to a miracle attributed to a Costa Rican woman on the verge of death two years ago.

    The Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica (Cecor) confirmed this news, celebrating the recognition of the miracle that involved Valeria Valverde, a young student who suffered a serious bicycle accident in Florence, Italy. Valverde was diagnosed with a very serious head injury, with almost zero hope of survival.

    During her treatment at the Careggi hospital, Valeria’s mother, Liliana, prayed fervently to Carlo Acutis. On July 8, 2022, Liliana headed to Assisi to leave a letter at Acutis’ tomb, asking for his intercession. Miraculously, the next day, Valeria began to show signs of recovery, and on July 18, a CT scan confirmed the disappearance of the hemorrhage. By August 11, Valeria was transferred to begin a rehabilitation process.

    Carlo Acutis, beatified in 2020 for the miraculous healing of a child with congenital malformation of the pancreas, will now be canonized by Pope Francis. Acutis, a teenager devoted to the Eucharist and evangelization through the internet, has been a reference of faith for many young people.

    Joy and enthusiasm for Costa Rica

    Priest Mario Segura Bonilla, secretary of the Episcopal Conference, expressed the joy and enthusiasm that Costa Rica is once again in the news for the intercession of a miracle. “It is a day of great celebration for the Church and for our community,” he stated.

    Second miracle attributed to a Costa Rican woman

    This is the second miracle attributed to the intercession of a saint related to a Costa Rican woman. In 2013, the Vatican approved the canonization of Pope John Paul II following the healing of Floribeth Mora from a brain aneurysm.

    The story of Carlo Acutis, who died from leukemia, continues to inspire young people around the world. The “apostle of the Internet” is now a symbol of hope and faith for all those seeking comfort and miracles in times of despair.

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