Costa Rican Sexologists Debate: Are Vaginal Orgasms a Myth?

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The vaginal orgasm is a never ending debate; some say hell yes and others that there is no such thing.

    A recent analysis states that the vaginal orgasm experienced by many women does not exist and that the only orgasm they can experience is through clitoral stimulation. It even goes on to say that expressions such as “vaginal orgasm”, “clitoral orgasm” or ” G-spot ” are incorrect and that orgasms are only two types: male or female.

    The analysis also indicates that for years women have been concerned about the ‘problem’ of not achieving orgasm through penetration, which is something that does not exist, according to researchers. The study was published earlier this year in the Journal of Clinical Anatomy.

    Co-author of this research, Vincenzo Puppo said, “Kissing and cuddling can occur without no coital acts but following this the male ejaculates and the stimulus produces an orgasm in women.”

    The vaginal orgasm does not exist. It’s all about the clitoris.

    The sexologist, Carmen Aybar, agrees with the statement and indicates that the only way to get a woman to orgasm is through clitoral stimulation, either by manual or fondling, through oral sex.

    “There is no vaginal orgasm. The vagina is not equipped to create an orgasm in women; it’s definitely the clitoris. The vagina provides multiple and different sensations of pleasure, which are endless and depend on the sensitivity that different women feel.”

    She explained that since it can generate a lot of feelings of pleasure, there are nerves that extend from the clitoris and anus to reach certain areas of the vagina that promote pleasure.

    “But the orgasm itself, the only orgasm that women have, is indeed the clitoris.” She indicated that there are women who practice certain positions where the clitoris is rubbed and so they ‘interpret’ that orgasm as in the vagina.

    Multiorgasmic Women

    According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Reproduction in Costa Rica 2010, on the topic of achieving orgasm, men have the upper hand.

    At that time most men between the ages of 30 and 39 said they had reached satisfaction, while in the case of women, they claimed to have had an orgasm “almost always”; and in the case of women aged between 70 and 79, they indicated never having experienced one.

    Sexologist Mauro Fernández, is completely at odds with the findings of the research that says women can only get maximum pleasure through clitoral stimulation. According to him, studies have shown that in addition to being multi-orgasmic, women are ‘pluriorgásmicas’, which means that they can reach orgasm through various parts of the body.

    “Women can feel an orgasm through stimulation of different body parts of the body. Some women may feel an orgasm when you give them kisses on the neck, when they cherish the areas that are around the ears, when they cherish some parts of the groin, inner thighs, and some women also trigger orgasms just from kissing.”

    Knowing yourself is key

    Sexologists say the key to the long awaited and highly anticipated big “Oh!” is through knowledge; women need to understand their bodies and how it responds to different stimuli.

    Dr. Fernandez explained that women need to explore how they can trigger orgasms. Because what works for one woman does not work for the next, so sometimes when experimenting with a new partner, they don’t have the same results with the same practices.

    Sexologist Aybar explained that there must be communication between partners, which is essential for both of them to get pleasure.

    Finally, Ana Maria Mora, agreed that women need more stimulation, more exploration and body awareness that to attain that ultimate pleasure. (Crhoy)

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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