Everything You Need to Know to Go Live in Another Country

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    Are you tired of your current life?Do you think the time has come to pack your bags and change course?We are more and more people who decide to change our comfort zone to explore other ways of living and other ways of being in the world.

    Are you also one of them?

    In this article we want to give you some good advice so that you know what you have to do to leave everything and go live in another country.A perfect opportunity to live a new experience, meet new people and enjoy different experiences that life can give you.Here is a guide with everything you need to know to restart and take control of your life again.

    How to go live in another country: the best tips

    If you want to change your life, before making this drastic decision, it is important to be clear about what you want to do. It’s okay to get carried away by adventure, but it’s also important to plan your next destination so you know what you’ll find.Here we give you tips that we recommend you value before leaving to live in another part of the world.

    1. Analyze what your goals are

    We recommend that you stop for a moment and ask yourself this question:

    “Why do I want to leave everything to live in another country?”Answer this question completely honestly and, if necessary, take a pen and paper and write down all your reasons.In this way, it will be much easier for you to visualize your project, your trip, and know what you want to achieve with this change of life.

    In addition, this exercise will help you mentally organize the trip, that is, if you want to travel to study and improve your English, if you want to do it to train, if you want to live traveling and working, etc.

    Knowing what kind of experience you want to live and what you intend to get out of it is essential to be able to start creating the foundations of your adventure.Later, it may be that all these pillars change or disappear as you travel but, at the beginning, it is always good to be clear about what you want to achieve.

    2. Choose your best destination

    Once you have analyzed what your purposes and goals are, the next step is to analyze which country you want to go to.You have to bear in mind that, depending on the type of trip, it is recommended to choose one destination or another. For example, if you want to learn English and perfect it, avoid going to Thailand or Vietnam because English is hardly spoken there.

    When evaluating the best destination for you, we recommend that you repeat the exercise of asking yourself what you want to achieve with this experience.Because, in addition to traveling for travel’s sake, you’re sure to be interested in discovering something about the world: it may be cities, nature, playing sports, etc.

    For example, if your passion is playing sports and you want to try new experiences, you have a multitude of possibilities before you: go to Costa Rica to enjoy spectacular underwater dives, go to Nepal to explore the most impressive peaks in the world, and so on.

    On the other hand, if you are a more cultural traveler and you are interested in discovering history, there is nothing better than going to Egypt to discover the remains of one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in our history.You can also visit areas such as Mexico or Peru to follow the traces of the ancient Mayan or Inca civilizations, etc.

    And if what you like are the beaches and the maximum disconnection, then you can choose to choose a destination that is in tropical areas such as Costa Rica, the Philippines, the Caribbean and a long etcetera.

    How do you see, depending on the type of trip you want to do and your preferences as a traveler, you can choose one type of country or another that will offer you a wide range of possibilities.We encourage you to carefully analyze what your preference is and, thus, from the entire globe you will be able to make a selection.

    3. Dare to get out of your comfort zone

    To be able to leave everything to live in another country, you have to do a very important personal exercise: take that complicated step that takes you away from your comfort zone.

    When we talk about comfort zone we refer to that area of ​​the world in which we feel comfortable, safe, and protected.Our city, our circle of friends or our work are spaces of life in which we move with total security and complete conviction.

    Leaving these areas, that is, changing cities, friends or work can be a complicated step that slightly alters our lives. And that scares. For this reason, many people settle for living their entire lives in those well-known stadiums and do not risk opening up to the world.

    Obviously, you are not one of those people.If you are considering leaving everything and starting a new life away from your city, it is because you ask for something more from life than what you have right now. But you have to mentalize that, at first, this change will give you some vertigo.

    And it is that you will leave everything: you will leave behind your whole life to, thus, start a new one traveling the world. But that you leave everything does not mean that you lose it, simply that you park it.

    Today, maintaining long-distance friendships and relationships is easier than ever thanks to new technologies. So this step is less difficult to do than it was years ago. Therefore, if you are convinced that you want to start a new life in another country, what you have to be aware of is that, at first, it will not be all rosy.

    You will have some difficult moments and you have to be mentally prepared for them.But believe us, as soon as you get past this initial phase and begin to fully enjoy your adventure, you won’t want to go back.

    4. Plan your trip with deadlines and goals

    We also recommend that, from the moment you make the decision to undertake this trip and until the moment you actually do it, you spend the time to organize your adventure a little.

    One of the best tips that will help you better visualize your new life is to give yourself a deadline, that is, mentally tell yourself “I’m leaving for a year” or “I’m leaving for three months.”

    Whatever comes my way

    Although this term is later broken and modulated, the truth is that it is very good for our mind to be “clear” about what we want to do.In addition, as we have said before, it is also important that you look for a goal or an objective to meet.

    For example, studying English, volunteering, learning to surf, etc. This resolution will also help you mentally organize your new life better and guide your journey.Later, during the course of the trip, everything can change.But going with a more or less predetermined idea can help you a lot to better define the path.

    Adapt living in another country

    Now that you have decided the basic aspects of your trip and have chosen the destination, the next thing will be to adapt to the new reality. You are very used to living in your city, with the services that there is, food and transportation. But keep in mind that all this will change in your new destination and, therefore, it is essential that you go through an adaptation process.To do this, we recommend that you take into account these tips that will help you adapt to living in another country:

    Investigate your destination

    In order to get a slight idea of ​​what you will find in your new home, it is recommended that you do a little research about the type of life. For example, it is recommended that you know the traditions of the place, as well as the religion and customs that are professed. It never hurts to find out about the different means of transport that exist in order to know how to get around once you are installed there.

    Check a map

    It is also recommended that you have a map of the new destination where you are going to live to know the different areas there are and familiarize yourself with the country. Also, if you don’t know exactly which area to go to, you can see the regions and their main tourist attractions to design your own route.

    Take advantage of the Internet

    Today, thanks to the Internet, we have a large amount of information at our disposal. This is ideal to be able to get to know a country better and begin to adapt more easily to it. On Facebook you can also find groups of travelers who are installed in that country, you can also find online communities and information of all kinds that will help you get around your new place of residence better.

    Employment exchange

    In the event that you want to travel and work at the same time, we recommend that you inform yourself in advance about the different types of employment that you can find and what the salaries are. In addition, it is interesting that you know where you can go to find a job adapted to your profile and your knowledge.

    Do not force yourself

    We must not forget that, in order to live fully in a new country, it is important to be good with oneself and respect oneself as much as possible. When you’re alone in the world is when you really realize how strong you can be. But, also, something is activated in our mind, like a kind of “intuitive alarm” that helps us organize our trip calmly and safely. You have to be at peace with yourself and not force yourself during the trip because, remember, the goal is to enjoy the experience to the fullest, not suffer it.

    Open yourself to the world

    When you are in a new country, you have to have a much more open and proactive attitude towards the world. Therefore, we recommend that you sign up for social activities, that you try to make new friends and that you do not say no to invitations. At first, it is advisable to be totally open to the possibilities of this new destination and, later, you will find your plot of intimacy and solitude.
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