Top Tourist Attractions During Costa Rica’s Rainy Season

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    Costa Rica is a beautiful country to visit. Many people opt to travel during their dry season, as to avoid the rain. But there is much merit in visiting Costa Rica during their Rainy, or ‘Green’ season. Firstly, there will be fewer tourists, allowing you to avoid horrible queues in tourist areas. You will also save a lot of money as hotels are generally cheaper during this ‘low’ tourist season. Just because you are going to be visiting in the rainy season, it does not mean that it will be raining all the time. And even when it does rain, there is plenty fun tourist activities for you and your family to enjoy.

    Go turtle watching

    If you are at all interested in nature and wildlife, then this is definitely something that should be at the top of yours to do list!  During the rainy season, you can see large groups of mother turtles crawl out of the ocean, to the shore to lay their eggs. While turtles do lay eggs all year round, you can see significantly larger groups of turtles emerging from the ocean at once during the rainy season –and it is quite a beautiful sight to behold!

    Indoor family fun

    If it’s raining very heavily, there is no reason why you cannot have a good time in the hotel with your family. Some hotels will have special children’s entertainment rooms or programs even. Otherwise, a fun thing to do indoor is to play some Fabulous bingo online. Bingo is such an easy game and is guaranteed to keep you occupied until the rain lets up a little and allows you to explore some more!

    Embrace the water

    People seem to have such an aversion to rain, but instead of trying to avoid it; embrace it! Rainy season means that the rivers will be fuller, making it a perfect time to go white rapid rafting. Even if it were sunny you would still be getting wet –so there is no need to let the rain deter you from this fun activity. The  Pacuare River is a great spot for rafting! Other good ways to embrace the water in Costa Rica is to catch some of their amazing waves while on a surfboard –something that you can easily hire. If surfing does not appeal to you, you may want to try going SCUBA diving. In fact, there are some diving sites in Costa Rica that are only available during the rainy season, so that is definitely something of which you can take advantage.

    Eco Termales Hot Springs

    The Eco Termales hot springs are one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attractions. The fact that you are visiting in the rainy season gives you an advantage, as the hot springs will be less congested with tourists. It is a natural hot spring, consisting of five different pools, all with varying temperatures to suit your preferences. This is a really wonderful place to go for a relaxing afternoon.

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