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    Can Telegram or Signal displace WhatsApp as a Messaging Application?

    Can Telegram or Signal displace WhatsApp as the main application for instant messaging and voice calls over the Internet in the world? That is...

    WhatsApp application does not stop surprising the World

    The use of apps on our mobile devices, has benefitted us in many ways, on the one hand, it favors remote work-, and on the other it can be used for entertainment

    Whatsapp’s Efforts Against Fake News and Privacy Violations Continues

    Learning to differentiate false and true information is of the utmost importance to social media users and the human environment around us. For this...

    WhatsApp and YouTube are The Costa Ricans’ Favorite Apps.

    WhatsApp and YouTube are the Costa Ricans' favorite apps, according to the seventh edition of the research Red 506 (Net 506) carried out by...
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