WhatsApp and YouTube are the Costa Ricans’ favorite apps, according to the seventh edition of the research Red 506 (Net 506) carried out by El Financiero. The results will be made public at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose next August 8th.

A number of 600 people (51% men and 49% women) were surveyed during this study. The poll shows that WhatsApp is the most popular app in Costa Rica, since 97% of the interviewees claimed to have it installed in their Smartphones, in contrast with the 98% obtained in the same poll last year.

What apps should never be missing on your cellphone?

Keeping in touch with friends and relatives is the most common use of WhatsApp in Costa Rica. Nine of ten people claimed to use WhatsApp as a communication tool.

Fifty three per cent of the men and forty eight percent of women surveyed use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their co-workers. Besides that, 38% of the male population with the lowest socioeconomic status uses the application for sharing videos and audio files.

The 2016 poll showed the same results regarding the use of WhatsApp. The study was based on the answers from people age between 35 and 55 residing in the metropolis.

The Knowledge and Information Society program revealed in its “For a society with knowledge and information” report that 98% of people had WhatsApp on their phones. In a 1 to 10 scale, the app averaged 9.8, which is a very high score.

Music and videos

The Red 506 study also reported that YouTube is the second most popular Smartphone app in Costa Rica. According to this poll, the “ticos” use this application for listening to music, although it is a platform for watching videos. Seventy four per cent of the interviewees claimed to use YouTube for this purpose, while 70% utilizes it for watching videos.

Ana Raquel Melendez, head of Unimer Projects, highlighted the importance of music for the Costa Ricans. She stated that most users listen to music when they are doing the housework or something like that.

People age 35 and older prefer downloading audiovisual files.

YouTube is also commonly used for watching tutorials (68%), especially by women (75%). Besides the female population, the majority of the population, age between 25 and 44 with an average socioeconomic status, search for tutorials related to recipes.

The following infographs shows the Costa Ricans’ favorite apps.