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    The Best Apps With Educational Games For Quarantined Children

    During this time when children have to stay in their homes, webring you here some suggestions of apps specifically designedfor children, that will entertain...

    The Best And Most Essential Applications For This 2020

    mano con mundo y aplicaciones

    How To Save Data When Using Youtube

    This digital platform has been designed to host videos that users can watch whenever they want

    The New OCR Technology Available for Google Photos and Google Lens App’s In All...

    One of the best things that Google Photos has created is its powerful search tool. It automatically recognizes objects places, pets, events or even people events in the image gallery

    Find Out About the Latest Novelties WhatsApp Has For Its Users

    As we all know, WhatsApp is an application designed for smartphones. It is the leading instant messaging application in the world, with more than...

    6 Tricks to Reduce Data Usage on YouTube

    This digital platform has been designed to host videos that users can watch whenever they want. Also, through it, you can broadcast your live...

    Is FaceApp Bad For Your Privacy?

    An application (also called App) is simply an informational program created to carry out or facilitate a task on a computer device. It should...

    Photomath: The App that Makes Life Easier for Students

    Technology always seems to adapt to the needs of students. That is the case of “Photomath”. It is a free app for iOS and...

    Track Your Happiness: The App Whose Name Says It All

    In the changing world in which we live, new experts emerge every day, who engineer tools to get to know our social environment in-depth...

    WhatsApp and YouTube are The Costa Ricans’ Favorite Apps.

    WhatsApp and YouTube are the Costa Ricans' favorite apps, according to the seventh edition of the research Red 506 (Net 506) carried out by...
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