The Best Apps With Educational Games For Quarantined Children

There is a wide variety of apps with educational games for children, so they can learn something new every day

During this time when children have to stay in their homes, we
bring you here some suggestions of apps specifically designed
for children, that will entertain and at the same time help them
learn. These apps can be used by children of all ages.

Games in which for example they have to relate figures or
recognize sounds to guess musical instruments. They have
endless game options that ultimately develop the child’s
cognitive ability, reflexes and psychomotor condition.

It’s amazing to see a two-year-old boy or girl on a mobile
today. They know how to turn it on, go to the application they
want and see, for example, their favorite apps to paint.

How fast does the child’s brain absorb new?
During childhood is the moment when a human brain is like a
a sponge that absorbs all the knowledge that surrounds them.
And it is evident that if today’s children are surrounded by
mobiles, tablets, and computers, the most logical and normal
thing is that they know how to use it just as we did years ago
with crayons and pencils.

Children begin to use technology at an ever younger age.
On average, children, have their first mobile phone at the age of
10, although in reality they have had access to technology from
their parents before that age.

It is a habit that can carry some
risks for the development of children, especially in the affective
and social fields, but which can also bring them many
Several studies have shown that many of the educational apps,
designed for children, stimulate the development of the brain
and cognitive functions.
In addition, they are a very useful strategy to delve children
into new areas of knowledge. At the same time they contribute

to promote skills and habits. Here we will recommend some
educational apps that can be useful to your children:
Nini learns to count.
This app is a perfect option to teach preschool children the
numbers and introduce them to a second language. The app is
made up of 35 illustrated scenarios, both in English and
Spanish. They also have the opportunity to read out loud and
then hear the story in their own voice.


It has very simple puzzles, designed for the smallest members
of the household. The app is based on a very old Chinese game
that consists of forming silhouettes of figures with seven
pieces, but without overlapping them. Basically the children
must place each of the pieces in the appropriate position until
completing the figures that appear in each of the levels.
Endless Spanish.
This app is an excellent option for children who are learning to
speak. From the hand of the adorable Endless monsters, the
kids will learn the meaning and spelling of the words they use
most in Spanish. It includes interactive puzzles, in which the
letters come to life and the words become what they describe.
Super emotions.
This app is aimed at children from 2 to 10 years old and
focuses on developing emotional intelligence from an early
The goal is for children to learn to recognize emotions through
body language.
Writing wizard.
It is a very useful app for children who are learning to write.
Designed to teach them the strokes of letters, words and
numbers through a fun sound effect system.
These are just some of the many options that your children can
enjoy using technology for their development and education
while staying at home.

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