“Spiritual Healing”, An Indispensable Component Of Your Integral Health

It should always be a starting point for achieving your well-being

“Spiritual Healing” is defined as overcoming the root causes of problems using spiritual means. The OMS (World Health Organization) decided in 1998 to add the word spiritual to the definition of health: “Health is a dynamic state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and not just the absence of disease or illness.”

Spiritual healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, but many holistic therapists and traditional healers are currently trying to join forces to collaborate and offer complementary treatments to conventional medicine.

When speaking of spiritual healing we refer to the world of subtle energies, invisible to the physical eye. We can say then that spiritual healing emanates from the superior or divine source to heal and the key to healing is in the person’s change of consciousness.

Spiritual healing works in the spiritual dimension
Fundamentally, whatever practice is used, what it does is to channel certain frequencies of the universal energy, to clean and transmute negative energies. This healing works on all dimensions: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. In our society today it stresses the main cause of feeling (over)charged.

Generic methods of spiritual healing

There are two generic methods of spiritual healing, these are the appropriate options for any of us who have a problem that originates from the spiritual realm:
A)Spiritual Remedies:
They are specific acts that the own affected person or someone else performs to alleviate a certain problem on a spiritual level. Its benefit is that the person receives relief quickly. The downside is that relief can be temporary and last only as long as the remedy lasts. Spiritual remedies include Reiki, Pranic healing, the application of holy ash (Vibhuti), Holy Water, or healing with Mantras, etc.

B)Spiritual practice:
When a person does spiritual practice according to the six basic principles, he/she develops their own ability to protect against harmful elements of the spiritual dimension. If spiritual practice is 100% effective in overcoming problems in life, spiritual remedies are only 40% effective. (Note: it is 40% when the remedies are administered externally.) This is because in the case of spiritual remedies, there are more variables that influence whether the person can heal, since they include both themselves and the healer. Generally, the first method of healing produces a symptomatic cure and sometimes the cure of the spiritual cause, while the second produces the cure of the root of the problem.

Practices for your spiritual healing
Methods to obtain healing include doing the following practices constantly in your daily life, (being most important to open your mind and your heart completely in whatever practice you choose to do). Among them are: Reiki, Meditation, Prayers for angels, Reconnective healing, Sintergetic Sanergy.

Finally, when spiritual healing is done with the purpose of helping a person grow spiritually,. changes are not only apparent but a constant evolution that is manifested in a special attitude towards life in which the spiritual strengths of the person regulate and balance physical, mental and emotional health. In other words, spiritual healing activates the person’s self-healing capacity in all other areas.

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