Track Your Happiness: The App Whose Name Says It All

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    In the changing world in which we live, new experts emerge every day, who engineer tools to get to know our social environment in-depth and even our moods. From this constant search, “Track Your Happiness” is born, a modern application capable of measuring your degree of happiness.

    This new App is responsible for measuring your happiness through a questionnaire, which is characterized by asking about your preferences and tastes. The App itself defines itself as a mechanism capable of discovering the greatest levels of happiness that you can develop during your day today.

    But do we know what happiness is?

    Happiness is a concept that is defined as follows. “A positive emotion that occurs within a living being, for and after reaching the desired goal “. Since the beginning of history, the human being has been concerned with living within this concept, to develop his/her life in harmony and peace.

    The interest in revealing this eternal doubt is such that science has decided to invest and find a response. Thus, researchers at Harvard University have developed “Track your happiness”. It corresponds to an application based on a scientific investigation systematically measuring your mood during the day to discover your peaks of happiness and the factors that cause it.

    What can change our mood, and increase happiness?

    This question has always been a great question for humanity. To respond to these premises, doctoral research linked to Harvard University emerged. In the middle of this investigation, “Track Your Happiness” was born, which is intended to measure your best and greatest experiences, those that motivate happiness. This mechanism allows you to present a palpable idea of the development of your emotions allowing you to have an idea of what brings you closer to happiness.

    “Track Your Happiness” is characterized among other things because when installing on any of your devices you will receive daily notifications, which will lead you to answer questions such as: What has been the most productive thing you did today? Where are you? Are you alone? What do you do? Do you enjoy what you are doing? After you fill in your answer to each of the questions. Its same internal structure will be responsible for sending you your measurement chart. After a while, it will allow you to discover the factors that connect you directly with your own emotions. Action that will help you contribute directly to the same research that is being developed, which aims to relate and take the causes of happiness to a more globalized level.

    How does it work?

    On different days you will receive notifications to answer some questions instantly. The idea is to measure your individual experiences to have a general idea of your life, the moments that make you happy only. Some of the questions that are repeated are: Where are you? What are you doing? How productive are you? Are you alone or interacting with someone else? In this way, you will measure your performance and happiness during the day by comparing your state to obtain measurement graphs and after a few weeks, it helps you discover what factors you associate with your own emotions. At the end of eight weeks, the application returns to the user a report that illuminates how their daily activities linked with their moods, which could allow you to identify harmful patterns of behavior related to places or people that make their lives negative.

    A danger or salvation?

    Among the setbacks is that this specific APP is only available for iOS systems, which have given away to certain far-fetched criticisms, like asking if users who have iPhones are the only ones who will be able to manage their happiness. In spite of these kinds of observations, it is expected that this App directly leverages the way to develop and conclude projects that finally become achievable structured goals that can generate true happiness in people by finding a better way to solve their problems basing life on more realistic goals.

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    SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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