Find Out About the Latest Novelties WhatsApp Has For Its Users

    Always evolving and adapting to new challenges

    As we all know, WhatsApp is an application designed for smartphones. It is the leading instant messaging application in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users. It sends and receives messages through an Internet connection. Its functions include the creation of groups between contacts, the sending of voice memos, photographs, and videos. WhatsApp has not stopped implementing new functions and everything suggests that before the end of 2019, other new features will arrive for our devices.

    The most used instant messaging app in the world is already present in its beta version, this option will allow the WhatsApp interface shift to a dark gray tone as an update, also, and the app will offer an option to synchronize WhatsApp states with Facebook or Instagram Stories when publishing content.

    The function in which WhatsApp does not show any notice of those chat that has been archived (vacation), will be renamed Ignore Archived Chat, according to the image filtered time ago by the Web. Another function that will not take long to reach all the users of the app is the fingerprint unlocks something that could already be done in WhatsApp but not directly; this novelty is already present in the latest beta versions, although at the moment it is not active or visible.

    How to prevent snoopers from accessing your WhatsApp messages.

    Lock the mobile. It is the first thing to do, either with a pattern, face ID or pin.

    For iPhone users, there are two security measures; the Touch Id is a fingerprint system available from the iPhone 5s, while the Face ID for facial face recognition is on the iPhone X. To activate them you must go to account/privacy settings, require Touch ID or Face ID and choose the time for blocking immediately after one minute after five or after one hour.

    Android users have the fingerprint option: open settings then security and choose fingerprint or similar options such as lock screen and privacy password, set the password and then lock applications or manage fingerprint.

    You can activate the option for WhatsApp and for other applications that you want to secure.

    The novelty in WhatsApp is that it takes away your fear of sharing photos. When it comes to sharing photos or videos through WhatsApp it is not uncommon to make a mistake and send it to another person or group that was not the desired one. For this reason, from the instant messaging application they are working to improve this aspect. Whatsapp is preparing in its beta version 2.19.173 for Android a new function in which it will show with a text the name of the recipient of the image, video or GIFS, so before giving the green button sent, at the bottom of the interface you can see the contact to whom the message is directed. This new function is being tested on Android and will also reach phones with the iOS system and work with both individual contacts and groups.

    All these new changes will allow the platform to return to its original intention. Other new functions that you will find are:

    Consecutive Voice messages: This new function will allow you to play several voice messages received consecutively.

    Dark mode: With this, all the colors of the application will be presented in dark tones. This function will have several advantages first it will help reduce the tension in the user’s eyes during the use of WhatsApp at night or in low light conditions because the brightness of the screen will not be so intense.

    Video preview: This feature will allow users to watch videos directly from the notification.

    Classification of data: This application will help WhatsApp to automatically classify all your contacts to detect which ones you interact more with.

    WhatsApp is evolving every day for you. Adapting to the new requirements and suggestions from the most hardcore of its users.

    SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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