Simple ways to save cellular data for Androids and iPhones

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    Many users of Android cell phones often use up all of their cellular data before the month is up. In response, Google revealed some advice so that you don’t exceed your data plan limits. Here are five simple steps to follow:

    1. Reduce the amount of data that is used on your Android device by reducing the data used by Chrome extensions. You can adjust the settings so that images won’t load on web pages when you have a slow connection. This will save you up to 70% of data.

    2. Watch videos on YouTube only when you have free WiFi so that you don’t use data. Thanks to the option of ‘Watch later,’ the chosen video will begin to download when you are connected to WiFi.

    3. If you are using Google Maps because you need to find a place within your neighborhood, there is a way to use the application without using data. Download a geographic area of the world (the country where you live or the place that you are going to visit on vacation) and use Google Maps Offline to see step by step instructions and access useful information without an internet connection.

    4. Identify and remove applications that consume a lot of your data. Go to ‘Settings and then ‘Data usage.’ You will be amazed to see which applications are using up most of your data, and which ones use hardly any!

    5. Disable the auto updates of applications on your Android device by opening Google Play and clicking on the three horizontal lines icon at the top left of your screen. Go to Settings and then click on Automatic Updates, select ‘Do not automatically update’ or ‘Update when connected to WiFi.’

    For iPhone users, here is Apple’s advice:

    1. Turn Off Cellular Data Usage for iCloud: If you use iCloud to move files back and forth between devices, this could lead to higher than usual data fees. To disable:

    1. Open Settings and go to iCloud.
    2. In the iCloud section tap on iCloud once more
    3. At the next screen scroll all the way to the bottom and disable “Use Cellular Data”

    2. Disable Automatic Downloads on Cellular Data: App downloads are some of the biggest files on your device. Wait until you are connected to Wi-Fi before downloading and updating your apps.

    1. In Settings find App and iTunes Stores.
    2. In the Apps and iTunes Stores section, you’ll see Use Cellular Data. Turn this off and you’re good to go.

    3. Disable Wi-Fi Assist: When trying to supplement a weak Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi Assist uses Cellular Data to help with bad service. While this does help, you could unknowingly be using a bunch of data. To disable the feature:

    1. Open the Settings app and find Cellular.
    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and slide the toggle for Wi-Fi Assist OFF.

    4. Monitor or Disable Data Hungry Apps:  It’s always good to know which apps consume data, and more importantly if those apps even need access to cellular data. Go to the Settings app and adjust which apps can use cellular data.

    5. Disable Background App Refresh: Apps can update in the background while you are not using them and this consumes data. The feature can be disabled and won’t really effect how you interact with your phone.

    1. Go to Settings -> General and find Background App Refresh.
    2. Open the menu and disable the function at the top. The apps will go from green to blank.

    6. Avoid Streaming High-Quality Music: Apple has created the option to stream high quality music regardless of your being on Wi-Fi or cellular. Of course, the higher the quality, the larger the file. The larger the file, the more data is needed to stream it. So, if you are in a pinch with your data limits, you’ll want to turn this OFF.

    1. Open Settings and head to Music
    2. Find and disable High Quality on Cellular
    3. If you really want to avoid data fees, you can also disable Use Cellular data. With this option disabled, you will only be able to stream Apple Music over Wi-fi.

    7. Disable Autoplay Videos on Cellular Network: Over the last few years, Facebook and Twitter have introduced a feature which autoplay the videos automatically in your timeline. It offers a great experience but with more people sharing videos on Facebook and Twitter, you’re unknowingly using up lot more data on your iPhone or cellular if you’ve autoplay videos enabled.

    8. Avoid using cellular data completely:

    1. Settings -> Cellular
    2. Turn Cellular Data OFF.

    We hope these suggestions help you to save data and money!

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