Plastic to be Collected, Recycled and Exported by Costa Rican Conservationists

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    • EX-COSTA RICAN CONsul claims the project is reliable and totally feasible

    Over 80% of the world marine pollution is produced by plastic. This reality is not different in our country, Costa Rica. According to the National University, plastic is the most contaminating solid waste of the world.

    A Costa Rican ex-consul has brought forward a solution to the beach contamination issue: transform plastic wastes into threads, car parts, computer pieces and haute couture garments.

    In two months, Paquera de Puntarenas will have a collection center facility exclusively for searching and collecting plastic for recycling. The plastic items will be put for sale after this process.

    Carolina Sevilla was the consul of Costa Rica in New York. In 2016, she made some decisions that changed her life radically: she moved to Hermosa Beach and took up a new challenge.

    She heard about an international company called Bionic and sought to work with them. That decision marked the beginning of an eco-project, which is already a world benchmark.

    Sevilla returned to Costa Rica with a clear objective in mind: get the garbage out of the seawater.

    Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper company and Carolina Sevilla have set the first goal: clean the seawater of at least 14 tons of plastic on a monthly basis and collect more than 10 tons of plastic from the surrounding garbage dumps for recycling. The final result of the recycled plastic residues is expected to be exported. This is a good way to turn plastic wastes into useful things for exportation.

    “This project is everything for me. I have no children and I’m already over 40 years, for me, this project is my baby. I feel very happy to inform that we will be exporting plastic to top-notch companies based in countries like Germany and the United States” – Sevilla said.

    Waterkeepers is a non-profit organization which will take charge of the collection center. This small company has been working on the preservation of the coastal areas since 2012, but this time, they expect to make the greatest progress ever.

    Getting in touch with Bionic is the best thing we have ever done. We are a non-profit organization that aims to keep the surrounding towns clean all the time” – said Carolina Chavarria, manager of the organization.

    The company is also looking to employ other 4 people to complete the conservationist team.

    Carolina Sevilla is the promoter of the idea which consists of a garbage collection and recycling program. She has managed to bring a group of children and teens together to collect trash and plastic wastes at Hermosa Beach.

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