Commitment to The Environment and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica.

Thinking green and creating environmental awareness.

Costa Rica is always at the forefront when it comes to caring for and protecting the environment. This time contributes to the change of plastic straws by bamboo ones.

Similarly, the tourism sector in the province of Puntarenas specifically in Canton de Osa, where they began to create environmental awareness with the final elimination of plastic straws that both damage the environment and animal biodiversity and implements the use of bamboo straws As a sustainable option for the environment.

According to Luis Centeno, president of the Chamber, from this Sunday they will inform all restaurants and hotels in the area about the measure that will be applied immediately.

“We can not live in such a fragile and visited an area of the world without being part of that awareness that we need to protect nature,” Centeno explained.

The plastic straws will be replaced by bamboo ones in order to protect the marine species that are affected by the plastic.

Also, for the next Whale Festival, which will be held in September, the use of plastic bottles will not be allowed. With this measure, a reduction of 5,000 bottles in the area is expected.

In total, the measures in favor of the environment will be adopted by more than 70 companies in the canton of Osa.

As part of the campaign, talks will be given to the inhabitants of the area so that not only the tourist is positively impacted.


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