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New Names for Jails in Costa Rica

New Names for Jails in Costa Rica

This idea promotes the transformation of the new model to treat prisoners.

Other Costa Rican figures will be honored the same way.

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The Costa Rican jails were renamed after local and international idols. The Ministry of Justice and Peace announced these changes. El Buen Pastor is now Vilma Curling Rivera.

The Ministry of Justice let known that the new names for jails are part of the plan that seeks to transform the way that people in prison are treated. According to the Minister of Justice, the State is obligated to guarantee the human rights of over 13 thousand prisoners.

Renowned names such as Nelson Mandela and Marcus Garvey will be considered. Besides them, Luis Paulino Mora Mora, ex-president of the Supreme Court of Justice and Carlos Luis Fallas, a Costa Rican writer will be also honored.

Below, the list of all changes:

  • CAI Buen Pastor – CAI Vilma Curling Rivera.
  • CAI San Rafael – CAI Luis Paulino Mora Mora.
  • CAI Pococí – CAI Carlos Luis Fallas.
  • CAI San Carlos – CAI Nelson Mandela.
  • CAI Pérez Zeledón – CAI Antonio Bastida de Paz.
  • CEA Joven- CAI Ofelia Vincenzi Peñaranda.

Names for one-stop shops:

  • Reinaldo Villalobos Zúñiga – San Rafael de Alajuela.
  • Pabru Presberi – Pérez Zeledón.
  • 20 de diciembre – Pococí.

Maybe there will one day be a Pura Vida jail!

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