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    Costa Rica Increases its Levels of Glass Recycling and Recovery

    In this year 2019 it has been established that Costa Rica, is in second place of all Central American countries with regards to recovery...

    Recycling, An Essential Process For Saving Our Planet

    Lately, the words environment, climate, and planet have become topics that come to light at any time. People from all over the world comment...

    Costa Rica Recycles! An Example for All the Planet

    Costa Rica is a shining example worldwide of what has to be done to achieve a more ecological, more conscious, more loving future for...
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    Plastic to be Collected, Recycled and Exported by Costa Rican Conservationists

    RESIDUES WILL be transformed INTO CAR SEATS, PC PARTS, ND STYLISH GARMENTS EX-COSTA RICAN CONsul claims the project is reliable and totally feasible Over...

    Report on Recycling in the South Caribbean

    Report on Recycling in the South Caribbean The Association Biological Corridor of Talamanca and the Caribbean (ACBTC) has joined with the Recycling Association of the Caribbean (ReciCaribe) to form an alliance to deal with recycling and solid waste in Talamanca.

    Good News for Recycling in Talamanca

    Since 1998 the greater Puerto Viejo area has been on the cutting edge of recycling in Central America. An energetic group of women volunteers...
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