Recycling, An Essential Process For Saving Our Planet

How we all can contribute to the health of Mother Earth

Lately, the words environment, climate, and planet have become topics that come to light at any time. People from all over the world comment on the problems that the earth is suffering and try to find solutions that improve the conditions of the planet and stop the damage.

Nowadays, one of the topics is most put into action for saving our planet is recycling. It should interest everyone equally and be put into practice with awareness, responsibility, and dedication.

It can be defined as the obtaining of raw material from waste, to introduce them back into the production cycle. It refers techniques thanks to which, certain materials are reused instead of being completely discarded. It consists of submitting those materials already used to physical, chemical and mechanical processes, in order to apply treatments to obtain a new product.

How to recycle?

When even Singaporeans start talking about banning free plastic bags, you know changes are afoot. The zero waste and “stopsucking movements” are becoming trendy in other countries

The first step to being able to properly recycle, is the collection process, as to identify and separate the waste correctly, an activity that must begin in our homes and workplaces. It is a task that can be achieved with just having several containers, one different for each material (glass, plastic, organic matter and metals). After doing this it would be ideal to organize collection centers in your community, to market the products with the recycling organizations.

It is strongly recommended that each individual make a minimum effort to change their consumption habits, avoid water pollution and plant trees to begin the reforestation process for their communities.

As the first point in favor of recycling, we find that thanks to this process, materials that the consumers have discarded are taken advantage of, since they can be used to produce completely different products from the original ones, both in form and in utility. If recycled materials are used in production processes, a large amount of renewable natural resources can be saved.

reuse reduce recycle

“Reuse” allows saving resources and raw material and at the same time contributes to decontaminate the environment by producing less waste. With your initiative, you can help the planet to have cleaner cities and live in a healthier pollution-free environment.


It is very important that when performing, any kind of outdoor activity; as a recommendation
remember to take plastic or paper bags so you can then carefully collect each waste you have produced during the activity and place it in a proper recollection center.

How long does waste take to naturally degrade, here are some examples,

1 year: paper

5 years: chewing gum

10 years: cans

30 years: packaging tetra and foams

100 years: steel and plastic lighters, bottles, cigarettes, bags

200 years: shoes and sandals.

300 years: plastic toys.

1,000years: batteries.

4,000 years: glass

So now you know why recycling is so important for our environment, so do your part to help us live in a pollution-free environment and this way all human beings can enjoy a clean, disease-free environment, conserving our trees, fauna, vegetation with spaces free of contamination for all generations.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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