Zuckerberg Stock Took A 4.9% Hit Due To Social Media Outage

    The fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram has generated suspicion and uncertainty among experts

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    Due to the cut of more than six hours of the networks linked to Facebook (WhatsApp and Instagram), various intrigues were generated on the part of the experts of the digital world. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founding businessman, took a hit when his firm’s Facebook shares plummeted 4.9% in the U.S. The situation brought Facebook to Bill Gates’s Bloomberg Category 5.

    After Facebook’s longest failure of all time, Zuckerberg’s fortune stands at $ 121.6 billion. Approximately 2.7 billion global users were excluded. In fact, it is said, that Facebook, knew about a wide range of problems with their products.

    Is there a more concise explanation?

    Independent sources emphasized that it was a problem in the DNS. According to, Facebook was erased, during routine maintenance. The strange fall was claimed as an attack by Anonymous Twitter accounts.

    Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince explained that Facebook deleted itself by accident: “The company’s Internet routes (BGP) were mistakenly removed during maintenance.” According to Mark Zuckerberg, the major disruption to his networks and messaging services was caused by a faulty configuration change on his servers.

    A former employee said that Facebook hurts children and democracy

    Days after the shutdown of the company’s Facebook networks, Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, made headlines in the media worldwide, because she assured a committee of the United States Senate that Facebook harms children It fuels division and weakens our democracy. Haugen leaked a series of internal documents, called in the press Facebook Archives, that question the company’s business ethics.

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