How Businesses in Costa Rica Are Capitalising on Video Content

    In order to stay afloat, brands must keep up with emerging trends. Continue reading to find out how businesses in Costa Rica are capitalising on video content

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    In the past decade, a growing number of industries and sectors on a global scale have capitalised on video content. This is in response to a larger shift towards visual content as opposed to text content as social media platforms continue to cater to growing demand and allow users to share short-form, long-form, and micro-videos with friends and family members in more ways than ever before. Continue reading to find out how businesses in Costa Rica are capitalising on video content by familiarising themselves with the benefits of incorporating a video maker and machine learning, for example.

    By doing their research

    When it comes to keeping up to date with any technological advancements, businesses in Costa Rica are taking the time to do their research. If you are unfamiliar with video content and how it can benefit your brand, you must follow suit. This is one of the only ways to find out everything you need to know about the emerging trend as well as how you can get involved as a small business or large enterprise. If you are a theoretical learner, for example, it may benefit you to participate in a series of online classes or courses to sharpen your existing skills. If you are a practical learner, on the other hand, getting hands-on with technology can allow you to experiment with available tools and curate content that is suitable for your brand and its intended target audience going forward.

    By posting user-generated content

    As well as doing their research, businesses in Costa Rica are posting user-generated content in an attempt to engage with their customers and clients on a personal level. This can give you the opportunity to find out what consumers like and dislike as well as what they would like to see in future product launches or updates. If you are looking to post user-generated content but don’t know where to start, short-form video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, are popular with consumers on both ends of the digital spectrum and can allow you to post personalised content to retain and attract viewers and encourage them to find out more about you and your brand.

    By partnering with influencers and content creators

    In today’s digital landscape, influencers and content creators are some of the industry’s most knowledgeable insiders. By partnering with them, a growing number of small businesses and large enterprises alike are finding out for themselves how powerful video content can be for the growth and development of their brand. As well as boosting brand awareness, they can do so with attention-grabbing copy, images, and, more importantly, short, snappy videos. By doing so, they are more likely to sustain the viewer’s attention for a prolonged period of time and encourage consumers to find out more. If you are struggling to decide which type of video content performs well across social media, however, it may benefit you to focus on, if you can, before and after transformations, how-to guides, and listicles relating to food, fashion, and fitness. If you have found the right influencer for you and your brand, the sky is the limit.

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    By going behind the scenes

    When it comes to curating video content on a regular basis, you must keep it interesting. This is one of the main reasons why consumers in Costa Rica and elsewhere are consuming video content that goes behind the scenes of a movie, television show, or business. If you are planning to publish video content on TikTok or Instagram, it may benefit you to take advantage of their short-form video tools, that allow you to curate short, snappy, humorous clips that can be viewed in a matter of seconds, to give consumers a glimpse of what happens in the office on a daily basis or outside normal working hours. The content you publish will differ depending on the industry or sector your business falls under but can include a brief history of your brand, an introduction to the team, an average day in the life of a member of the team, or a building tour.

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    By incorporating machine learning

    In recent years, machine learning has exploded into the mainstream and infiltrated a number of industries and sectors on a global scale. By incorporating machine learning, a growing number of businesses in Costa Rica are capitalising on video content and keeping up to date with emerging technological advancements in a number of ways. This includes splicing long-form videos into bite-sized clips for posts and converting text content into video content in the blink of an eye.

    If you are looking to capitalise on video content for your small business or large enterprise, it may benefit you to take a leaf out of Costa Rica’s book and implement a number of key changes. This includes doing your research, posting user-generated content, partnering with influencers and content creators, going behind the scenes, and incorporating machine learning.


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