Hybrid Office: Work Environments after the Pandemic

    The offices of the future will be flexible spaces with a special focus on health care, through the use of state-of-the-art technological tools

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    More than 1 year ago, many employees moved from office and corporate to makeshift workspaces in their homes. At the same time, managers began to question what the workplace would be like after the pandemic. Today we can ensure that the future of the work environment is in hybrid offices, which will not only house workers in person, but will also facilitate the work of employees remotely.

    According to research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, 76% of workers say they want to continue working from home in this hybrid model, at least 1 or 2 days a week once the pandemic has ended. This allows us to clearly see the path where we are going and for which we must be prepared.

    Through this hybrid model, it seeks to increase the productivity and creativity of workers; For these reasons, companies need to consider migration to this work environment. However, moving work activities to a hybrid office is not easy.

    Some key things you should consider before migrating your business to a hybrid model are:

    Flexible spaces

    The layout of traditional offices limits the use of space. For this reason, the environment will need to evolve to create spaces that foster collaboration among all workers, even if their work activities are carried out remotely.

    Shared desks

    Flexible work hours have been in place before the pandemic. Now they may become the rule of thumb, leading to a reduction in personal offices to make way for shared desktops.

    Health care

    Health and safety in the work environment have become more important in the minds of workers and managers, which has led to the consideration of capacity control, cleaning work and quality monitoring of air as fundamental elements within an office.

    Technological investment

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have verified the fundamental role that technology has in today’s society and, in the same way, it will be key to have a good investment in technologies such as IoT and Wi-Fi for a good performance of this new work structure. This new work environment requires a network architecture that is as flexible and dynamic as where it will be installed.

    To achieve this, it must have great technological allies that allow the deployment of Wi-Fi 6, IoT and any other tool whose objective is to facilitate the work of employees inside and outside the office, by offering great wireless connectivity, guaranteeing the productivity of our company.

    Some offices already have state-of-the-art networks. In addition, they have already implemented a hybrid model, offering the managers and directors of each area to determine if their employees can carry out their tasks by following a combination of remote and face-to-face work, and organizing them in such a way that they are working at home the entirety of the time or three days a week they work from the office, all in coordination with their direct supervisor and human resources. In this way, they can guarantee the health and well-being of the entire work team.

    We can assure you that the workplace will continue to evolve as rapidly as the workforce it needs to support, and managers must be prepared to meet the present and future requirements of all their workers. We will soon begin to see hybrid work environments in our region, where we are experiencing a new wave of infections and ensuring health in and out of the office is of paramount importance.

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