Hybrid Work Modality Will Gain Ground in the Next Six Months in Costa Rica

    Only 4% of Ticos employers will apply full-time remote work compared to 43% who will return to the office

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    Although remote work became an alternative to mitigate COVID-19 cases in the country, the truth is that with the fall in new infections that has occurred since January, many Tico companies are thinking of returning to the office.

    Of 501 employers surveyed in the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, only 4% indicated that their workforce will work remotely full time in the next six to twelve months, compared to 43% who will work from the office.On the other hand, a hybrid modality in which remote work and the office are combined begins to gain ground, since it is the option of 29% of those consulted.

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    This modality works like the current school year by allowing workers to come to the office on some days and work from home on others, and in this way, crowds are avoided in the work centers and allows compliance with social distancing.

    On the other hand, 20% indicated that their collaborators will have a flexible schedule; that is to say, the modality that allows working towards goals rather than on a schedule and with which a better balance between work and personal life is achieved.

    These decisions could have an impact on a fall in remote working, which with the Pandemic shot up by 1,213%, when comparing figures from September 2020 with respect to 2019, according to INEC statistics. The survey consulted six industries and does not have the detail or intersection of the sector with the work modality.

    However, the global study “What workers want” showed that each type of work has more followers depending on the generation to which the employees belong.For example, Gen-Z, Boomers, and Gen-X guys are relieved, happy, and even excited to get back to work; while Millennials are more worried, nervous or sad because they are less willing to lose the job flexibility gained during the Pandemic

    In the next six to twelve months these will be the work modalities that employers will implement (according to the Costa Rican survey):

    43% full time

    29% combination of remote work and office

    20% flexible hours

    4% full-time remote work

    4% don’t know

    If your company is among the 43% of those who will return to office hours. Follow the following protocols:

    Identify a coordinator and / or work group that defines the roles and responsibilities of each person during the preparation and response process for the attention of this COVID-19 alert.

    Define the mitigation, containment and prevention measures applicable to each work center.

    Maintain a capacity of 50% and a distance of 1.8 meters between job stations.

    Label and point out, according to infographic published by the Ministry.

    Train staff in the prevention and management of Covid-19 disease.

    Wear and maintain personal protective equipment.

    Have a cleaning protocol and log.

    Have effective waste management.

    Have a protocol for handling suspected and confirmed cases on hand.

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