In Costa Rica 97% of Companies Have Implemented the Telework Modality

In Costa Rica 97% of Companies Have Implemented the Telework Modality

The arrival of COVID-19 has generated uncertainty about possible scenarios in the next 6 to 18 months in terms of labor, and that is for companies to recognize the need to manage costs and the workforce, prepare for adapting to new forms of work that will become the new normal, as was shown in the survey “Business Response to COVID-19”.

The analysis showed that 97% of the companies indicated having implemented the telework modality as part of the social distancing measures, while only 3% indicated that they have not implemented it. From the 97% of the companies that applied telework, 57% have not defined the estimated time they will stay under this modality.

The results are based on a survey of 126 national and multinational companies. The companies that participated are from different industries such as financial, commercial and agro-industrial services.

The results show that 48% of companies have not estimated a time for the return of a first group of employees to their workplace; however, they are monitoring the measures reported by the Ministry of Health. 16% of companies stated that they already have a first group back to their workplace.

Regarding labor flexibility measures, 37% of the organizations did not consider executing any measures in the workforce, on the other hand, 63% have executed or consider executing some flexibility.

Along the same lines, companies that have applied or plan to apply reduced working hours have impacted 40% or less of their workforce. They also showed that 67% of the companies reduced working hours, 10% temporarily suspended contracts and 17% mentioned the separation of their staff.

The results show that 64% of the companies indicate that they are in the process of preparing a plan to return their employees to their workplace, while 22% already have a full plan for return.

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