The Academic Council of the Institute of Latin American Studies (IDELA) of the National University (UNA) denounces that, in the face of the world emergency experienced by the expansion of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The government and the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica are taking advantage of the opportunity to promote a series of measures that, as has become their custom, put the weight of the eventual crisis that the Pandemic may provoke on salaried workers of the public sector and the most vulnerable groups of the population, while prioritizing protecting big capital.

Likewise, the Academic Council of IDELA considers it unacceptable that a person with the background of Mrs. Rocío Aguilar, who has been linked to business corporations that have defrauded the treasury anD their own investors, also who was the main promoter of a regressive tax reform that has dropped the weight of the fiscal crisis on the most vulnerable sectors, and who recently left the government to avoid being sanctioned, is being named Superintendent of Pensions.

The Academic Council of IDELA considers that all these measures taken, plus those announced, and the appointment of Mrs. Aguilar, are part of a strategy designed to dismantle the Social Rule of Law in favor of the interests of large capitals,

which is leading the country to a situation of tension and restlessness that can destroy the norms of peaceful coexistence that have characterized Costa Rica in the concert of nations.

Lastly, the Academic Council of IDELA calls on the higher authorities of the university administration and management, to speak out in this situation.

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