6 Tips On How You Can Take Control Of Your Pap Smear

Consent at the doctor’s office

6 Tips On How You Can Take Control Of Your Pap Smear Consent and ,boundaries are the most important skills we can master.

And this is no different at the doctor’s office.

Often in life we don’t tend to question the status quo even if it over steps our comfort zone.

Ladies, taking control of your body during a pap smear or internal examination is incredibly empowering. It is great for your self worth and allows you step further into those areas where you have a voice in situations that really matter.

There is a lot of conversation about consent and taking control of our bodies, but how does it play out in the real world?

When we walk into the doctors room we are essentially walking into their domain and placing our bodies into their care with a blind trust. This is especially so if you do not know the doctor at all. We often assume everything is just going to be ok.

I do not know anyone that really enjoys having a pap smear or internal examination at all. Yet it is a key place where we check out emotionally and from our bodies. We automatically apply amour, shut down and shut off out of sheer need to adapt ourselves to the situation that is often quite intimidating.

By turning this situation around from where the doctor is in charge to where you are in charge of your body and the experience, we get to take responsibility for ourselves and have integrity around our values.

Because ultimately we are in charge of our own bodies.

We as women get to walk our walk of saying how and when we are entered.

Many women experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. Officially statistically speaking 1 in 3 women. But on average it is 7 in 10 real times.

It can be really intimidating to ask for control. To imagine that we can direct what happens and how.

So here is my step by step “Empowering Your Pap Smear” experience.

Tip #1.

Research your doctor.

It is worth doing your homework first before you go for your papa smear and find a doctor that is female friendly.

Let the doctor know you would like to have a conscious experience by booking an appointment with them.

And yes.

You may be met with a little bit of resistance at first. As this is a new paradigm. And from my experience it did take three tries before I recently found a Doctor in Vancouver that was very open and understanding.

If you are in a city that has Sexual Health Clinics then I suggest you try there. These doctors are known to be more open and understanding than a GP that has all kinds of appointments that they address.

Tip #2.

Take your own coconut oil or your vagina friendly lube.

If you are like me and cannot stand the generic liquids that get used for our delicate beautiful flower parts, then be armed and ready with your own. Make sure you warm it up in your hands first before applying.

Tip #3.

One way to execute an empowered scenario is by imagining it first.

Meditating on how you would like it to look like and actually walk yourself through it in your mind.

This way you go into the appointment with a sense of control as you have already seen it happen. What we envision we create.

Tip #4.

Inform the Doctor that you will insert the Speculum and will let them know when you are ready for them to enter you.

Start off with breathing.


Relax your body and sigh into your cervix.

Once you have placed the Speculum inside of you, stop and breathe again. Relax and let the Doctor know when she can enter you.

Tip #5.

Once the swab has been taken, ask if you can see your cervix with a hand mirror. How many women have never seen their cervix? Crazy don’t you think ?

Tip #6.

Once you are ready to remove the speculum do so slowly.

The leaving of the Vaginal canal is just as important as entering her.

This is about taking all the time you need. It is about changing the experience from one that is normally rushed, filled with tension and body clenching to one where you feel as if you have had control of your body.

Even in a 15 min appointment (what is that about anyway?) you can use your breath and self talk and send love to your cervix . If you are unable to use the speculum yourself you can ask to direct the doctor when you are ready for them to insert it.

This takes courage.

Often we as women will not actually stand up for ourselves and speak our truths in case we tip the balance of the status quo.

Self silencing, something we women do well unfortunately, is not good for your health.

But having boundaries is.

Taking control of your Pap Smear is speaking up where you may have been too shy or too scared to do so.

Ladies it is time.

Stand up for your body, your cervix and for yourself using the principles of consent…Especially with doctors.

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