Companies Evaluate Adapting Remote Work for Better Job Recovery

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    After more than six months of cuts, suspensions and subsidies, companies are slowly beginning to incorporate full-time workers who fell under these schemes during the COVID-19 crisis.

    15% of Costa Rican companies plan to return their payroll full time in the next three to six months, however, with this reinstatement, there will be a “new normal”, so companies are preparing to adapt to it and provide their employees with tools to perform work efficiently and safely.

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    For this, managers include an evaluation of the results of the home office or remote work, and, according to their success and productivity, they consider its continuity to alleviate the pressure on transportation, services, to protect the health of workers and their families. With this they also seek to promote social impact in communities, where more work on site may be required by other organizations.

    More flexibility and productivity

    Accordingly employers plan to offer new options to employees, such as flexible or reduced hours (77%) and telecommuting part of the time (51%).“It is clear that remote work is already part of the temporary normality, but its continuity is also subject to addressing cybersecurity considerations and employee commitment,” say experts on the matter.

    Other incentives that employers will offer their workers are health and wellness offers (66%) and opportunities to learn and develop new skills (63%).“This is encouraging, since 89% of people would consider accepting additional benefits instead of a salary increase, so it is recommended to include these types of facilities.

    When it comes to training, 96% of employees who are offered free training appreciate their work, but indicate that they also need time, support and guidance to take advantage of it.

    Companies must have a culture of learning to attract and retain the best talent and to encourage their entire workforce to participate in continuous learning processes”, added the experts.

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